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New World Pact – Pax 21

How it all started

Hello, I’m Robin and I want to tell you how Pax 21 – Danellandia started.

We are a group of friends from around the world and we call ourselves the Ambassadors of Nature and Peace.


We all share a deep respect for Nature (always with a capital letter) and Peace has been like our common hero ever since we were kids or young adolescents. 

New World 

Our friend Pedro’s dream in 2004 was the beginning of our campaign for Peace and Justice. In fact, the dream was like an “Indictment against the world of madness, war, abuse and violence” formulated by Majai or Nature and Peace. The second part was like a verdict and a roadmap to end the madness and build a New World of Peace, Sanity and Justice. For all people and for Natura Majai. 

Dream of Peace and Liberation

Early 2004, our friend Pedro had been harassed at work for weeks. He was thinking about how to escape from it all. He was considering to commit suicide, but he couldn’t do it because he did not want to cause pain and suffering to his family and friends. 

He had often been told that he “was too good for this world”. One night, while thinking about why he and so many other people had to suffer so much, he had a dream about making this world better and more just for him and for all people and for Nature as well. 

In the dream, which we later called the Dream of Peace and Liberation, Nature and Peace took Pedro on a tour of the world and showed him their disgust at how Humanity mistreated people and Nature.


New World of Peace

In the second part of the Dream, Nature and Peace showed Pedro the reasons why this world was in a bad shape indeed. The lack of Peace or true humanity and the babelonic principle of “divide and rule” were the main reasons.

They presented him Natura Pax or New World Pact between Nature and Humankind and gave him a few keys or instruments, the Code of Life and WiSOP or majai – the language of Peace. It would allow him to see what was wrong and how he could help to boost Peace.

Boosting Peace as the respect for universal human values would be the main tool to make the world better and more just for all and for Nature.

“Everyone wins when no one or Nature loses” would need to become the motto of the New World of Peace. 

Danellandia – World land of Peace

The Dream was the start of Danellandia or World land of Peace, Sanity and Justice. Its Constitution and other legislation would be based on Lex Mater or Nature’s Law of Peace.

All countries, nations and peoples would be invited to become part of Danellandia. But to be able to do so, they would need to paxitize their own laws and rules, which meant substitute or adapt them so as to bring them in line with Lex Mater.

By doing so, they would be able to iron out many of their differences. It would boost dialogue and peace within their own countries or nations and among different peoples. 

Being more peaceful or Peace-minded, it would be easier to cooperate with other countries and nations. Making it easier to jointly tackle the many issues threatening the whole of Humanity.

Campaign for Peace and Justice

To boost Peace and human values, a campaign for Peace and Justice was launched on 07.07.2007.

Ever since, hundreds of messages (in the form of posters, films, poems and letters) have been written about virtually all aspects of human activities. They have been sent to thousands of contacts world-wide. 

Yet, selling Peace is more difficult than selling weapons in this world still largely blinded by the glitter of the Golden Calf or the lust for money and power.

Millions of people across the world and Nature are still sacrificed to feed it.

Many millions of innocent people – and all things considered, just about everybody everywhere – are victims or collateral damage of the dominating principles “divide and rule” and “some are superior to others and to Nature and have the right to exploit and abuse them”. 

Pax 21 – Global Wave of Peace

The majority of people around the world want to live in peace. They want to enjoy life in the company of their family and friends and in harmony with Natura Mater or Nature.

Yet, politics and religions have divided this world so dramatically. They quite often stand in the way of Peace and have created conflicts and wars. Some of the worst atrocities have been committed because of the “divide and rule” principle and of many other factors, beliefs and prejudices. 

Pax 21 – Wave of Peace aims at making the “Voice of the Peace family” heard. It wants to send a clear SOS message to all leaders world-wide and demand they take the Vow or Oath of Allegiance to Peace and Nature. 

Enough is enough. Endlessly dividing people has served the interests of a few while leaving many millions of people with “only crumbs of the cake or with nothing”.

One Humanity with one Future

Taking Natura Pax Universal Human Values as the beacon and guideline for all countries, nations, corporations and other groups would reduce the impact of “divide and rule”.

It would reduce the need to invest in weapons of massive destruction and free up billions to invest in the well-being or people world-wide and in Nature care.

It would take the world to a higher level of civilization and end the madness of investing in death and destruction.

It would make people feel they belong and reduce crime, violence and, indeed, the need to take drugs to feel happy.

Be part of  “I am Pax 21”

Everybody wherever he or she lives and no matter the colour of their skin, their political or economic preferences, their religion or none, their gender and social status, is requested to show that he or she cares about Peace and about Nature.

We are the “Peace Generation” or “Majai Family” that can and will change this world from being the world of madness, fake and violence to the New World of Peace, Sanity and Justice.

Please share the material on our sites ( and Use and share the label or slogan “I am Pax 21” as much as you can. Send the messages from Pax 21 – Danellandia or your own (inspired by Danellandia) to as many contacts as you can. 

Let us be part of the Wave of Peace shaking leaders in all fields to join forces and to make sure Earth and all of us are saved.

Let us have the most wonderful Christmas ever and throw the biggest global party ever – celebrating Peace and Liberation.

Thank you so much and majai’vi!

Robin and all the Ambassadors of Nature and Peace

Please feel free to copy, translate and promote Pax 21.
This world and we all desperately need Peace.


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Robin and ANP Team

Please feel free to copytranslate
and promote Pax 21.
This world and we all desperately
need Peace.

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