Cleaning up the mess created by Humanity guided by principles driving people apart and causing abuse, poverty and other violence. 

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What a mess!

Oh, what a mess Humanity has made of life on this planet!

Such a beautiful animal and plant life and such a disgusting treatment of Nature and humans by other humans that are supposed to be intelligent or that consider themselves to be superior and having the right to abuse people and Nature. 

They clearly do not have a heart and a brain that can communicate heart-to-heart. Throughout history, many atrocities and abuses have been committed by people feeling superior and attributing themselves rights and privileges others were not entitled to. Or that allowed them to damage Nature.

Clean-up operation

Pedro’s “dream of Liberation” about Nature, Peace and the world today was indeed penetrating and revealing. It was about like a “clean-up” operation of all that was not functioning well in this world. 

The images shown in the dream went very fast. They expressed anger and disgust. Pedro was shown all the problems affecting the quality of life of people, animals and plants on this planet.

Earth could indeed have looked different. After the dream’s “angry” part, came the “positive” part: how to clean-up the mess. During the brain clash, his brain processed huge amounts of information. It later came back in the form of inspirations Pedro discussed with us and other people from different backgrounds and countries around the world. 

It led to the launching of the Natura Pax campaign for Peace and Justice and the creation of Danellandia – the World land of Peace. 

Artificial intelligence

Our brain has an enormous potential and is much more valuable than artificial intelligence as it has feelings and emotions and humanity, which artificial intelligence does not have or when it seems to have it is artificial or fake (dangerous if you ask us). 

Some say that AI will solve many of Humanity’s problems. It might well do if it is created to serve all of Humanity and not again, only some at the expense of so many others and of Nature. Abuse seems more than likely, unless the “Mind” is rehumanized, renaturalized or “summonized” (adapting it to be in line with Lex Mater of Natura Pax standards).

Indeed, AI may make it possible to eventually replace any body part. However, we cannot let AI take over humanity. AI has to be put at the service of all of Humanity and not be left unregulated and in the hands of people and companies that could exploit it. They may be very advanced as regards AI, but when their mind is overwhelmingly focused on making profits at any cost, even if it means damaging people and Nature, they are a danger and we should be protected against it. 

If AI is introduced mainly to generate riches and power for some at the expense of many others and Nature, it should not be introduced at all. The abuse of money has led to the world of madness we live in today. It is run mainly by people addicted to power and riches. If AI is used to facilitate the abuse, we are entering a danger zone in which a large majority of people as well as Nature will be treated as a commodity to be traded, monetized and what not. 

The many atrocities committed against people and Nature throughout history were committed by people deemed intelligent, but they actually were not. They did not have the right intelligence – the higher intelligence related to DNA+ or genuine humanity.

The world today often looks up to “great leaders” but were they really? Did they not base their greatness on the abuse of people and of Nature? Did they not use (extreme) violence and weapons to reach their greatness?


Society has come to accept violence as being part of the whole system – political, economic and all else. Many have come to see violence as a kind of entertainment. Violence exploited and monetized by the game and film industries. Real life already has a lot of violence. Why do we need to “play or game with it”? 

Violence predominantly results from “primitive drives and urges” and a low level of HVE or human value equivalent. As the world has very often been run by people with a lower HVE, we do not have a world now high in humanity. It is largely run by people driven by money and power. It keeps Humanity from reaching a higher level of civilization. A civilization based on the principles presented in Natura Pax or New World Pact. 

Poverty is violence

Violence exists in all sorts of forms. Poverty is also violence. Consequently, those being able to solve poverty but hardly caring about the children dying every day around the world because nobody genuinely cares about them, are acting primitively. They cannot communicate in WiSOP or heart-to-heart and have a low HVE.

Connecting heart-to-heart

Our brain is more than science has been able to discover. Intelligence comes in many different forms. Our heart is also more than science has discovered. Some call it our second brain.

Indeed, people are able to communicate heart-to-heart. Some more than others. Telepathy is a form of heart-to-heart communication. 

Ambassadors of Nature and Peace

Violence has had a profound impact on us since we were young. On some of us since we were small kids. We have always felt we did not belong in this world hit by so much violence in many different forms. We could not understand why people made war or why they left people living in poverty without food or any help.

We have always wanted to do something about it. Danellandia and its campaign for Peace and Justice was like a logical or natural consequence of that desire.

We met many people in different social classes, but the most impact on us was made by poor children we met in different countries and some of which we helped to have an education.

Some were so grateful and spontaneously asked us if they could call us dad or mum or said we were like parents or an older brother or sister to them. 

All children deserve a happy life

Our dream it is to help all children and all adults living in poverty and distress to have the means to live a life that is worth being called life. Poverty should be tackled on a scale never seen in human history. The mindset of those having the means to tackle it, needs to be shaken and upgraded to a higher level of intelligence – called CIQ;  

We call ourselves Ambassadors of Nature and Peace for a reason. We have felt very connected to Natura Mater and Peace and we dedicate a lot of our time and means to promoting human values.

We have seen injustice and violence first-hand and it has made us solemnly promise – speaking heart-to-heart to all wherever – that we will do all that we can to try and make sure that no child is left alone out in the cold – even if he or she lives in a hot climate. 

We will make sure that no child is considered of less value than the director of the biggest banking group world-wide. 

In WiSOP or the language of Peace we are not judged on what we own, but on what we do as a person of good will. We are judged on our level of HVE or of genuine humanity. 

We hope we will be able to convince those that run our world but are still too blind to all the damage done to people and Nature because of a wrong mindset, to change and unite. Unite to create a world for all and for Nature.


Ambassadors of Nature and Peace


  • connecting people
  • declaring an immediate global ceasefire
  • cleaning-up this messy world
  • promoting human values and Peace
  • building a sustainable healthy future
  • a future for all of us and not for a few.


  • road map to promote Natura Pax or New World Pact (°2004) between Nature and Humanity 
  • Pact based on Lex Mater or genuine humanity or universal human values
  • inspired by Nature /Peace /Heart
  • noted down in WiSOP – our universal language of Peace
  • WiSOP – our shared and original mother tongue we speak from birth
  • and so much more!


  • across all borders and through all types of walls
  • helping people discover the “core of all things”
  • making them respect the essence of it all: Nature as part of MPTA
  • teaching them how to communicate heart-to-heart
  • teaching them WiSOP so that they respect other people and Nature and all that she is and provides
  • showing them the importance of universal human values or Lex Mater as a beacon or guideline to build and promote Peace
  • giving them the knowledge to select the right leaders
  • leaders that speak heart-to-heart and not money-to-money or bitcoin-to-bitcoin
  • leaders that understand the “core of all things”.


  • imposing a ceasefire in all wars
  • across all borders and through all types of walls
  • helping the different parties involved to discover the “core of all things” – the core that is above all else (code-named MPTA in the language of Peace or WiSOP)
  • making them see that war and other types of violence are purely incompatible with Peace or MPTA 
  • teaching them and other people how to communicate in WiSOP or heart-to-heart
  • teaching them and other people that the respect for true values is essential to combat violence
  • teaching them and other people that false values and the wrong attitudes are the main reasons behind wars
  • teaching them the art of dialogue using WiSOP
  • helping them to find inner peace and to reconnect with Peace or MPTA
  • giving people the knowledge to select the right leaders
  • leaders that speak heart-to-heart and not money-to-money or bitcoin-to-bitcoin
  • leaders that understand the “core of all things”
  • leaders that speak WiSOP or want to learn or perfect it.


  • DCL or Danellandia Clean Label: a quality label indicating the acceptance of Natura Pax as guideline and beacon
  • granted to companies and organizations that took the Nature Pax Vow and subscribe to Natura the Pax Convention and Lex Mater – Fair Deal Charter
  • granted to companies and organizations that respect people and Nature always
  • granted in different stages and with various grades 
  • the register of DCL 21 companies will be accessible to all and wherever
  • DCL: a label of respect, trustworthiness and honesty
  • monitored by DCL VP 
  • and so much more!
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Ramitos is the plural of the Spanish word for twig or branch.

We are all twigs or branches of a single tree.

The stronger the tree, the stronger the twigs. The stronger the twigs, the stronger the tree.

Twigs are affected by greed and the like that endanger the survival of the entire tree!

The tree symbolizes our planet Earth and Humanity or all human beings.

Katharsis or feeling free

Learning WiSOP or the language that allows you to communicate heart-to-heart, will make you as a twig of the big tree strong again and the tree as well.

A strong tree with strong and healthy twigs having shed off the twigs that did not manage to clean themselves or be cleaned.

Speaking WiSOP will clean up the mess and all that has been making life hard for the many and easy for the few on planet Earth.

Planet Earth could have been like Paradise. This campaign can still make it happen, but we will need your help and your WiSOP language skills.

So, join in and become an amigo or amiga! Together we can make it happen and make planet Earth again shine as the brightest star of the Universe. Brightest because of the shining stars or diamonds living on Earth.

Majai’vi (Peace be all and to Nature)!

Ambassadors of Nature and Peace



Need to translate? We use and the help of translators that understand and speak WiSOP.

We are still looking for translators for different languages.

Fake and non-fake

Do you have doubts about whether news is fake or authentic or true?

We trust The Guardian and its colleagues for their independent and investigative type of journalism.

Contact us

You can communicate with us through WiSOP or the language that speaks heart-to-heart. It is the language given to you at birth and so the language of your Mother. It is your real mother tongue.

WiSOP is also the language of your true friends – if you have them. Or the new ones you will make using the RAMITOS toolkit and apps (being developed).

Just open your heart to them and you will feel the tool of communication that opens up new opportunities and that can make you see what life is all about.

The better you master WiSOP, the stronger the twig you will be. A strong twig makes for a strong branch and all together makes a strong tree – the Tree of Life.


The poems, posters, films and other articles on our sites will help you to master WiSOP so to make you strong and to build new friendships.  Sharing your stories and ideas and interests on a safe internet.

In case you still need to contact us: Your messages will be read, but we may not be able to answer you individually.

Majai’vi (Peace be all and to Nature)!

Ambassadors of Nature and Peace

© DNA – RAMITOS 2021 | DCL h2H | Amigos

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