Broken business

The present-day economy is characterized by a growing inequality between workers, company managers and large investors.
The difference between what workers earn and what managers earn is increasing spectacularly. It quite regularly touches the absurd and unacceptable.
Add to that the many loopholes companies and managers can use to evade or dodge taxes and you can understand the workers’ growing dissatisfaction and anger.
This system is simply unsustainable.

Sustaining the economy

Workers produce products and services. Consumers buy these products and services. They generate profits and pay taxes.
Profits are used to finance wages, bonuses, dividends, sponsoring… Taxes are used to finance services like health care and education as well as infrastructure like roads.
But there is a growing imbalance between the different actors of the economic system. Some earn hundreds of times more than others – in the same company!

Also, many companies have their products made in low-wage countries where the protection of workers and Nature is generally below internationally accepted standards.

Moreover, many large companies set up financial structures to pay as little taxes as possible. They frequently take advantage of diverging fiscal policies in the different countries. Fiscal paradises offer an additional tool to pay little taxes and boost profits.

Profits out of proportion

The ever higher (top) wages, bonuses and dividends require higher profits to finance them. Higher profits require higher prices to be charged for the products and services consumers buy. Or they require keeping pay for the ordinary workers low – even below the minimum wage.

Taxes out of proportion

Many loopholes exist to evade taxes. A whole army of fiscal experts offer their services to do just that.

Taxes that are evaded need to be compensated by higher taxes for those that do pay their taxes. Tax evaders use the services and infrastructure, but do not pay or too little taxes to finance them.

Time for sanity

Time for sanity and a balance between profits, taxes and wages! Time to treat any human being with respect and consideration.

The growing imbalance leads to social tensions and worse. It finally affects our entire society!


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