The beech tree

I’m one of the trees in a big garden.
Trees do not talk?
They do, but Man does not understand
our language of sounds and smells anymore.

I have been here for many decades.
I have seen many generations of children
come to play in and around me.
I like their playing and happiness.
I used to be a tree everyone adored.
Wide branches and thick dark red leaves.

I provided shadow in hot summers.
I provided protection against the wind.
My beauty is less now.
I’m feeling ill and exhausted.

Branches fall off and my leaves are smaller.
The air that I breathe has become polluted.
Chemicals in the air affect my health.
I’m being invaded by all sorts of parasites.
Of all colours, scents and sizes.

They seem to have forgotten the law.
The law of Nature to be respected by all.
They invaded me to become a pest.
They are affecting my health as well.

They seem to care only about themselves.
They do not care they might suffocate me.
They lack the intelligence to know
that a suffocated tree means
that they will cease to exist also.

Why is all of this happening?
Life used to be so beautiful.
Everyone enjoyed being around me.
The parasites have also chased away
many birds and insects living on me.
The parasites are a pest.
They are threatening to kill me.

Unless someone teaches them
to respect the law of Nature again.
I’m old and my life has been full
but I pity future generations.
What will be left for them
when all trees become dead trees?
Surely this cannot be allowed to happen.


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