WIC – weapons industry case

Proposal and request to Unicef to start a case against the weapons industry at the UN International Court of Justice. 

Too many weapons threaten our society. More money needs to be invested in the prevention and resolution of conflicts. 

Model letter to UNICEF
Mrs Catherine Russell, Executive Director

Please copy this letter freely, adapt it if you want and send it to her via the address of your local Unicef office. Look up the address here.

Dear Mrs Russell,

WIC – weapons industry case

I support the proposal made by Danellandia, international project for peace and humanity, and I request Unicef to start a case against the weapons industry at the UN International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Why Unicef? Unicef is the representative of all children on this planet. These children want a better world for themselves, for their families and their friends.

A world with no or less weapons would make for such a better world. Educating people not to use weapons would largely contribute to peace.

The weapons industry is very powerful and a large employer. But the resources spent on weapons and the destruction of life and material should be used to invest in constructive activities like education, Nature care, development aid, social welfare… Workers in the weapons industry could be retrained for positive jobs. The satisfaction gained from these jobs is much higher than from jobs helping to destruct lives and Nature. Besides, money and riches gained by destroying lives and Nature, are not really what someone right in his mind could accept.

Below is a basic statement of the case against the weapons industry.


  • making lethal weapons
  • living on destruction and death
  • contributing to death and injuries
  • being guided by greed
  • inciting people to use violence
  • facilitating the killing and injuring of people
  • facilitating the destruction of material


  • less weapons would mean less deaths
  • a lot of deaths are not related to (self-)defence


  • deaths and injuries to people
  • destruction of material


  • 50% of Research & Development in the arms industry to be invested in:
    • peace promotion, starting in education
    • conflict analysis and resolution
    • life protection activities
    • help to victims
    • Nature care


  • making the production and use of lethal weapons obsolete
  • making this world a world of human values.

May I ask you to start this case soon? I thank you very much together with all the children of the world. Let us build a world intended for children or WIC.

Kind regards,


WIC – world intended for children


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