Letter to world leaders


Economic, financial and political crises succeed each other. The coronacrisis has made us more aware of the real values in life.

Many people are worried and confused about what the future will bring them and their children.

Many do not trust their leaders anymore and vote for new parties simply out of protest. 

This world needs an alternative system based on the respect for basic human values. The respect for Nature is one of the main values to prioritized.


Open letter to world leaders

Dear leader,

The world has become the theatre of instability and confusion. It seems to have lost direction and not know where it is going. Several economic and political crises have hit us over the past decades. The present coronacrisis has shown that politics and economics as they are applied today, cannot provide the solutions we all and Nature need.

Every time history seems to repeat itself and no real changes happen. A large part of the world population has seen its situation worsen, especially the poorer people among us.

Some of the world’s worst problems (like Nature degradation, climate change, wars and migration) are directly related to the lack of direction. They are affecting not only the developed countries, but all countries.

We beg you to read the article below very carefully and to join forces with all countries world-wide to help and start the Global Peace Plan. It could also be called the Earth Survival Plan.

If you are not convinced, please visit our site www.danellandia.org and learn how Danellandia and its GLOBAL PEACE INITIATIVE came to be on 28 March 2004. Indeed, several years ago.

Now is the time to start and build a better and more just world for all.

Let this generation please go down in history as the generation that saved the world and not as the one that ruined it.

Rescue plan should be overall peace plan of substance

The present crisis is not just an economic crisis. It is a crisis of our entire society. It is a global crisis. The coronacrisis certainly is.

The main reason for it is the lack of humanity in many fields of human activity and the excessive obsession with money and material things. This obsession, that blinds people to no longer see principles or values, has led to many different kinds of violence. Some people are prepared to do just anything just to acquire more money. Some even commit extreme violence and kill or mutilate others.

The degradation of Nature is violence because the respect for Nature is a basic human value. Deliberately contaminating Nature could be seen as a crime against humanity. Why continue to burn fossil fuels when we know that it hurts Nature and people so badly?

Wars are waged in many countries and regions to defend socio-economic and political systems that are imperfect and cause harm given that they lack some of the right fundamentals. Some even develop and use the most lethal weapons to try and impose themselves. Some of these weapons even threaten the very existence of our planet.

Poverty is a form of violence too. A lot of riches are based on the poverty of many people. Many countries have raw materials, yet are extremely poor. It may be acceptable in some economic systems. It is not in the system based on humanity or real human values.

Commercial exploitation is a form of violence. A lot of money is earned on the back of people that often have no alternative and are dependent on those having or manufacturing the products. Humanity considers commercial exploitation as the abuse of power.

Crisis of humanity

This list can go on. It illustrates our world is not just in an economic or political crisis. It is in a crisis of humanity. Or rather in a crisis for lack of humanity.

Several leaders have repeated that we are the last generation that can save the world. We have been saying it since early 2000s.

It is therefore not sufficient to combat economic or political crises only. The entire spectrum of human activity should be overhauled and be given an injection of humanity. The rescue plan should be an overall and global peace plan of substance.

Below are some ideas to restore human values and to bring peace for Nature and for Humanity. The ideas are not exhaustive. New ones come in still.

Global peace plan of substance

Nature degradation should be reduced urgently and drastically. Developing green energy should be an absolute priority. The combustion of fossil fuels should be phased out rapidly. USE or United for the Survival of the Earth should be created. All countries should provide the best brains, the highest technology and the biggest finance to develop green energy. The most affluent members of our society should contribute financially to USE. Money spent on space travel and on many other scientific experiments that can maybe benefit Humanity in a hundred years should – partly – be redirected to USE. Earth and all human beings or Humankind need green energy now.

All oceans beyond the 200 mile zone and both poles should be declared the property of Humanity leased from Nature or Natura Mater. The exploration of resources should be done responsibly and benefit the whole of Humanity. More on www.oceansforall.org.

The reasons behind wars and conflicts should be dealt with extensively and seriously. The present socio-economic and political systems need to be reformed and grow into a system based on humanity or on the summum bonum – that is the supreme good that can be attained by maximally applying human values. The system could be called summonism.

Poverty – often the reason behind wars and terror – should be attacked more fundamentally and more vehemently. The rich countries should dedicate much more than the 0.7 percent of their income (the percentage is even lower for many countries) towards helping to develop poor countries. Education should be one of the priorities. Fair trade and an honest price for raw materials are absolute necessities too.

Humanity or human values should be promoted through education, the media and other means. Violence should no longer be seen as entertainment. Boys should no longer be taught to be tough, but should be shown the benefits of human values or peace. They should be taught how to deal with violence peacefully and how to control violence within them.

Religions should categorically and jointly condemn all forms of violence and the reconciliation between their diverging opinions about God or whatever name the divine is called, should be made a priority. Religious beliefs should no longer be a reason for making war or wielding terror. God or the divine (or MPTA – our definition) stands for Peace. Peace defined as the respect for universal human values. So defending and promoting human values is defending God. Defending Nature should also be part of their mission.

Our society should be taught that material riches do not make you stand out. Solidarity and generosity are qualities to go for. Society should realize that less means more: less materialism and more happiness.

Our society should make people feel that they belong. It should not impose absurd expectations of perfection. It would reduce the frustration of many of our children and adults. It would decrease psychological problems, the use of drugs and violence.

The use of artificial chemical substances in our food endangering the health of people and of Nature should be reduced and finally be stopped. Using them to camouflage poor quality ingredients should be totally unacceptable.

The creation of a new global currency – the etico – would reduce the power of speculators world-wide. It would allow “dirty” money acquired through the use of violence to be taken off the market. Fiscal paradises need to reform and “solidarify”.

These are just a few ideas for the Global Peace Plan. More can be found in our target letters and under “projects” on www.danellandia.org.

The present crises are very serious indeed. They clearly show the shortcomings of many of the present-day principles – many excessively money-driven. These crises can only be solved when humanity or human values are promoted across the board and globally. They can only be solved when all countries and people work together regardless of their race, culture, political orientation or religion.

Planet Earth needs this overall peace plan. We all need it. We all need to show that we genuinely care about Nature and about people.

Besides, Humanity is expected to act. 

Please also visit www.globalpeacecharter.org.

Many thanks for your attention and kind regards,

Danellandia Peace Foundation


Danellandia – Pax 21 was created on 28 March, 2004. It is based on discussions about this world and its many problems with people from different backgrounds, countries, religions and age.

Danellandia defined 25 human values as the basis for its campaign to make this world a better and more just place in many fields of human activities: politics, economics, the media, personal relationships, education, Nature care…

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This world needs people and leaders who put humanity first and not money or power. People and leaders who unite others rather than create tension, division and conflict.

Strong human values are a passport to a sustainable future.

The world of Peace can become a reality!



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