Love, the most original of all feelings

In modern society, there seems to be no more room for genuine feelings. 

No more time for genuine feelings like love. 

Feelings are considered too sentimental and in this hard world they are often of secondary or no importance at all.

 In modern society, many people have increasingly become estranged from the energy that drives us: love.

In modern society, almost all have become so materialistic that virtually all attention is focused on money-oriented objects and experiences. Also in the media. They often show but a caricature of love. Or even worse, they make love synonymous with sex. Cheap sex or faked love.

Love cannot be bought. Love is the most natural and original of all feelings. It is the most advanced form of communication. It positively impacts the chemistry of the mind and the body.

Chemistry upset

Modern society puts so much pressure on people so as to negatively affect their chemistry. Also the use of artificial chemicals in food and the pollution of our water, air and soil upsets it. Our chemical balance is totally mixed up.

When science cannot understand this unique communication system, how can it calculate the impact the chemicals it uses have on that system? Just impossible.

The daily portion of violence-related images bombarding modern man, woman and children have their damaging impact too. From images of war till commercials that – mostly invisibly – play with feelings (of superiority and inferiority), they all affect the internal peace of people. However, peace is the environment that is required for love to be born in and to grow. Peace with oneself, fellow beings and Nature.

Peace, respect and love

Boosting peace in all its aspects, starting with respect for oneself, fellow beings and Nature, is the way to create an environment that makes you ready to give and receive love.

Love is showing that you care. Love is allergic to the abuse of feelings. With feelings you just do not play. A whole industry does not do but live off the abuse of feelings. They clearly lack love and are extremely poor cosmically, while trying to own the souls of people. Nothing is more despicable than trying to own the souls of people (particularly when for commercial purposes). Their CIQ or higher human intelligence is well near zero.

Love comes naturally in a peaceful environment. The chemistry of love works in ways science has not discovered.

It works through smells, sounds, lights, vibrations and even thoughts, many of us do not sense anymore. It works through natural perfumes. Each man and woman have their own. It is subtle or penetrating. It works through cosmic vibrations, so gentle that most people cannot feel them anymore.

Communication system

Love is no doubt the most advanced communication system. Yet, modern technological contraptions and the abuse of love, as well as the rush toward all things material, have so often relegated this system to the lowest drawer of the cupboard of life. It should be in the top drawer or on top of the cupboard – invitingly visible.

Cherish love. Make more time for it and foster peace as the ideal environment to develop love.
Do not play with the most original of all feelings. Living love will make you live your life to the fullest. It will sharpen all of your senses, making you more aware of love and making you more receptive.

Develop peace in all its aspects and love will grow stronger, making you healthier – both physically and mentally.

Healthy people on a healthy planet, our way to go.

Warm up love, cool down hatred.
Warm up peace, cool down violence.

Love to all!

Ambassadors of Nature and Peace


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