Nature speaking

Do people think about how Nature feels when so many people treat her badly?

Nature speaks through a human voice and explains how she feels.

Dear children of the world,

I have decided to speak your language
through the voice of one of you.

To speak your language, yes indeed,
as most of you
do not recognize the signs
that I have been sending.

You have lost touch with me.
You hardly look at me.
You hardly listen to me,
feel, taste or smell me.

You hardly appreciate
all the wonderful things
that I give you:
thousands of different plants
and animals,
in all colours of the rainbow.

I provide you with what you need:
light, energy, water, air and food.

Why are you abandoning me
while you know
you cannot be without me?

You are all part of me.

Why are you treating me badly?
You pollute my soil,
my water and my air.

I try to clean them up,
but there is simply
too much pollution now.

It is tiring me too much.
I am getting fed up with it.
You are polluting yourself too.

I want to beg you to
change your habit of
polluting your own nest.
Even birds do not do that.

Start living with less
in harmony with me.
And in harmony with
all of my children.

Hurting them
is hurting me
and yourself.

Do not upset my chemistry.
Do not abandon me,
but treat me with care.

Treat me with love.
Together with you
we can make
this Earth
shine brightly again
to become
the most beautiful
planet in the whole universe.
Once again and forever.

After all, I am
the Mother of you all.

Mother Nature


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