Pachamama – Mother Nature forever

Pachamama means as much as Mother Earth.

In many Latin American cultures the respect for Mother Earth is very great.

In other cultures this is no longer the case due to economic, political, social and religious influences.

It is obvious though that everyone – regardless of their culture – should be a fervent defender of Nature.

After sending our “Message of Mother Nature” (in our various working languages) to our mailing contacts in many countries, we received a request to delete an email address.

Yes, a well-known nature association asked for this.

Message from Peru

Shortly after that we received the following message from Peru:

Hoy trabajé en el aula con los estudiantes el “Mensaje de la Madre Naturaleza”, sobre el cual reflexionamos mucho y los niños (as) solamente dijeron: “Hermoso”. Tuvimos un mes de clases dedicadas al tema: “Cuidemos y conservemos el Medio Ambiente”. Hemos tratado los diversos temas que afectan a la Tierra, y concluimos en el uso de las 4 R: Reducir, Reciclar, Recuperar y Repensar.

Felicitaciones por la excelente reflexión.


Today I worked in the classroom with the students on your “Message from Mother Nature”, on which we reflected a lot and all the children could say was: “Beautiful”. We had a month of classes dedicated to the theme: “Let’s take care and conserve the Environment”. We have treated the diverse topics that affect Earth. We ended with the conclusion to use the 4 R’s: Reduce, Recycle, Recover and Rethink.

Congratulations on this excellent reflection.


Anyone who knows Peru and other Latin American countries knows that many people are still very close to Nature. They call her Pachamama (translated freely as Mother Earth or Nature).

The respect for her is great and you will not find that anymore or rarely in most other cultures.

All kinds of influences (social, economic, political and religious) have played a role in this.

But when all is said and done, Nature deserves to be defended and protected by everyone.

Pachamama forever!


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