Charter Oceans for All

Oceans and poles need to be better protected urgently.

Allowing commercial greed and struggles for power to cause irreparable damage to them is a mistake Humanity should not make.

They are essential for our survival.

This Charter should be discussed at the UN and be adopted by all countries.


  • Oceans outside the 200 mile continental shelf limit are declared “oceans for All”
  • Oceans for All and both poles are declared the (leased) property of Humanity as a whole
  • Oceans for All and both poles are not to be the subject of wars and battles between nations
  • Minerals found in the oceans for All and at the poles are declared the property of Humanity
  • Exploitation of oceans for All and poles is to be regulated by the UN or a newly established organization
  • Exploitation has to be carried out so as to safeguard ocean and polar life
  • Exploitation has to be carried out in a sustainable way
  • Proceeds of the exploitation are to be dedicated to the improvement of living conditions of all members of Humanity, irrespective of country, race, culture or religion. It includes welfare programmes, medical care, poverty reduction and education
  • Proceeds of the exploitation are to be dedicated to the restoration of the damage inflicted on Nature and on the development of alternative green energy sources.


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