Nature, owner and tenant

Oceans and poles should not be owned by any country or individuals.

The property concept generally accepted today – allowing everything to be privatized and exploited for maximum profit – has become untenable.

The sole rightful owner of oceans and poles is Nature. Humanity is just a tenant. A tenant that should be respectful of Nature.

Actually, Nature is the original owner of all oceans and the poles and of all else that exists on Earth. Humanity has the wrong perception of property, though. Throughout history, this has led to many misunderstandings, conflicts, wars and other atrocities.

Humanity should consider itself to be the tenant only.

Dividing oceans and the poles on the basis of the selfish traditional property concept is against Nature’s law or Lex Mater.

History should have provided enough lessons for Humanity not to continue to make the same – avoidable – mistakes again and again.

The oceans and poles should be seen as a lease granted by Nature to Humanity. It is only natural that Humanity should act as a responsible tenant, showing due respect for Nature, the original and sole owner.

Declaring the oceans and poles the – leased – property of Humanity and managing them in a visionary way to the benefit of the entire human race, offers a unique chance to take Humanity to a higher level of civilization and to avoid conflicts and further damage to Nature and to people.


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