Register of Peace

Danellandians or Peace Partners

If you like Danellandia and want to help to strengthen peace or human values using the articles, projects and ideas published in Danellandia, you can register as a Danellandian or Peace Partner.

Social Network

If all goes well, we want to set up a social network where Danellandians can meet and exchange ideas and report on peace initiatives.

Together we will make this world the world of Peace, Sanity and Justice. For all people across all borders and for Natura Mater.

Label and logo

If you want to use the Peace Partner label or logo, you can do so as a registered Danellandian or if you like the project as such.

Or use the Pax 21 logo to show you are part of the Wave of Peace.

Registration form

PRIVACY: your data will not be shared with third parties. They will remain in Danellandia.

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