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Free market: anything but free

Most economists and politicians still believe the free market economy is the best system around.

Yet, the free market is anything but free. Freedom means that we can live our own individuality while respecting other human beings and Nature. The present free market does not show enough respect.

Many people are the victims of the whimsical selfishness and greed of those having economic power over them.

Respectful of others

Many of those controlling the economy are blinded by the glitter of money and do not know what it is to be truly human. Being human is being ethical or being respectful of other human beings and of Nature.

There can be no freedom when there is no respect for basic human values, like justice, charity, solidarity, honesty, Nature care and non-violence. Exploiting people commercially by abusing a position of economic power like in the case of a monopoly or a cartel is a form of violence. Exploiting producers is violence as well.

If the market is to be called free, some rules need to be implemented aimed at having basic human values respected. If they are not respected, the freedom of people is breached. And a modern form of slavery sets in.

Violence against Nature

Contaminating Nature deliberately in order to gain extra and ever larger profits is another form of violence.

The present free market and capitalism are too violent and are in for a thorough revision. The financial crises the world faces every so often should have been or be the stimulus for a humanization of our society. Too much emphasis has been put on making money. Too many people have been left out in the cold.

[Update 2021: the coronavirus and other viruses are also related to the disrespect for Nature and for people. Neglecting the true needs of Nature and people to make more money was bound to lead to viruses and other scourges].


A new economic system should be introduced and a new kind of politics as well. A system called summonism that is based on the summum bonum or supreme good that is attained by maximally respecting human values. A system that knows no boundaries of country, race, culture or religion. A system that treats all human beings as equal and Nature as a partner.

Saving banks from bankruptcy can only be a temporary and partial measure. Maintaining capitalism without changing the rules is bound to cause major crises again.

Money should not rule this world, but common sense and profound humanity.


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