Mobile phone from the Moon

Investing billions in infrastructure and equipment that can benefit a few – privileged – earthlings, while doing little about the misery and poverty so many millions of people around the globe have to suffer, is not how Humanity can save Earth and its inhabitants.

Even the Moon has sent some thoughts about this and about mistreating Nature.

Moon speaking

I just sensed the news that space explorers will install equipment here to make it possible for you earthlings to use your mobile phones when visiting me.

I cannot understand that expensive investments like these are made just to serve a very limited number of people, while in many countries around the world so many earthlings do not have enough food or water. Or while so many people in rich countries do not have access to basic services.

I sense these investments to be only the visible part of a whole range aimed at controlling this part of Space and further for other reasons than pure communication. Let me already tell you that it mixes up with my own communication system.

Planet Earth has become so damaged through conflict, war and pollution all because of greed and selfishness that it becomes a necessity to look for similar liveable planets elsewhere.

It is no use to look for them though, because Earth is unique. And I can tell.

So, the only possible way to save Humanity is to save our little blue planet Earth.

You are all in the same boat. If Earth is damaged further, all of you will be affected.

Of course, you need to look at things from a distance to really understand that it is five to twelve. I cannot understand why so much money and other resources are spent still on destructive activities like war or on setting up things like satellite defence systems.

You have polluted Earth and are now polluting Space. As if it were not enough.

Saving Earth

If you want to save life on Earth, you will have to protect Nature as if it were your own life. Use the money invested in war for investments in Nature care and in social welfare. Stop the use of fossil fuels and use the green energy Earth gives you. Provide all earthlings with a decent life. Make poverty forever just part of the history books.

Share your Mother Earth, protect her and stop the greed and selfishness. There is enough for everyone. Just share it and do away with the primitive urge to dominate and manipulate always.

I would like to see Mother Earth shining again in her blue splendour. It is up to Humanity to make it happen. There is not much time left though.

To end, I would like to suggest that you all look in the mirror that I am, to see that Humankind is not a pretty picture. Do all that you can to change that. Join hands to make the future bright for everybody.

Please tear down walls based on prejudices and false feelings of superiority and use the material and your intelligence to build a peaceful and healthy future.


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