No right to possess nuclear weapons

[original article of July 3, 2008]

Nuclear weapons are the most destructive weapons on Earth.

Everyone has the images of Hiroshima after the bomb stored in his mind forever. Just think of the many victims that were vaporized into nothing or of those that died slowly as a result of radiation. Just think of the impact on Nature and finally on the whole world.

Nature is one whole and damaging her at one location means damaging her everywhere. If Nature is damaged, all humans are damaged too. They are part of her (physically and cosmically).

Nuclear weapons should simply not be part of civilization. In fact they are not. They are barbaric. Will we need more disasters to finally have our leaders unite and decide to destroy nuclear weapons once and for all?

Why does one country have the right to have nuclear weapons while another country does not? Who has bestowed that right to that country? Who has declared that country morally superior to others to allow it to develop and have weapons? Who has given it the right to use such devastating weapons?

Nuclear weapons should not have been invented in the first place. They are inhuman to the extreme. How could anyone sane in his mind or cosmically healthy cause so much violence and damage to human life and Nature?

The UN was founded in 1945. The majority of countries do want peace for everyone. Why is the world kept hostage by some countries that insist on having a nuclear arsenal? Why has the UN not developed into a formidable moral authority that no one dare to contradict?

The UN should have put more effort into disarmament by massively stimulating peace education and dialogue world-wide. By penetratingly attacking the reasons behind war. Reasons linked to politics, economics and religions. The self-declared superiority of some of its members should long have been considered primitive and counterproductive. Equality should have been the norm. Human values should have become the guideline for all. All countries should have been convinced by now that it is in their own interest not to have and use nuclear weapons. Cosmic health – related to Nature’s health and so to ours – is the only way out of the current life-threatening nuclear mindset some countries still have.

Likewise, nuclear energy should not have been developed either. Think of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and of the many victims it made not only in Ukraine but all over Europe as a result of nuclear fallout. Think of the difficulty to distinguish between peaceful and non-peaceful uses of nuclear technology.

The UN or a new organization to be founded should have brought the best brains, the best technology and the largest finances together to develop common projects of sustainable green energy that will benefit all, rich and poor countries. So that no wars need to be fought over energy and so that commercial exploitation and abuse are halted (more info on USE-project).

Why have nuclear weapons not disappeared already? Why do some countries still develop nuclear energy? For reasons of money and for reasons of power. Money and the lust for power have reduced their humanity and affected their cosmic health. Violence – extreme in the case of nuclear attacks – has become too acceptable.


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