Trying to save a sinking ship

Saying capitalism needs to be replaced does not make you a communist. Summonists are realists and humanists. They understand that capitalism is simply too destructive to continue.

It should have been clear by now that money can only provide a temporary relief to financial and other crises. 

In 2009, we wrote: “billions are being invested in propping up the capitalist system. Yet, if the foundations on which it stands, are left unchanged, the whole construction is bound to collapse in the future. 

Will the many billions make the system better again? What is better? Is the idea of better not mistaken?” 

Ever since 2009, when banks were saved, capitalism has not changed and cannot be called the “ideal system we all need and want”. Anyone right in mind, heart and soul feels it is not ideal or right to:

  • build material wealth while making people lose track of themselves
  • produce and consume ever more while putting such a pressure on Nature she can no longer support it
  • put people under too much unhealthy stress for the sake of competitiveness and material wealth
  • make people live a life that goes too fast for them to really and fully enjoy
  • make people have to worry too much about making ends meet
  • leave too little time to people to build solid and profound relationships and to enjoy them
  • make people live a superficial life as they are always in a hurry in the quest for more money and material riches.

Left out in the cold

Virtually all the countries in the world have embraced capitalism. Do we have to toast to that achievement? It should have been clear by now that toasting to it would be a sign of bad taste. Capitalism has led to too many people being left out in the cold or being victims of violence. 

Too many people and businesses do just about anything to acquire stacks of money or make huge profits. Making money is acceptable and so is making profits. But the way in which it is done is often unacceptable and against the principles of humanity. 

Producing low quality products that harm people and Nature is violence. Taking advantage of a position of monopoly to impose high prices on consumers is violence. Waging wars to defend a system that preys on people and on Nature is violence.
Poverty is violence. It is predominantly caused by the workings of the present unbalanced political and socio-economic system. 

Capitalism is still supposed by many to be able to solve all the problems and the poverty of half of the world’s population. Have the billions invested in saving banks really benefited us all?

Why is it that most developed countries do not even spend 0.7% of their gross domestic product on development aid helping to solve poverty and other problems in poor countries? 

Why do many countries still spend a large percentage of their GDP on weapons of destruction? 

Why does education still teach children – the biggest capital we have – how to be as competitive as possible while hardly teaching them how to cope with the many psychological problems caused by a society that is largely money-driven?

Why does a large part of the media still dedicate so much time and space to report on extravagant luxury and superficial celebrities? Why do they still depict the world of preposterous luxury as if it were a world we should all try and live in?

Why does the world continue to burn fossil fuels when it knows it is leading to climate change and to the exhaustion of Nature? 

This list can go on. It can all be summarized as “capitalism is too destructive to continue”. 

Too destructive to be perpetuated

Many actions induced by capitalism are destructive or have destructive consequences. The use of drugs by people that do not feel at ease in present-day society and the acts of violence committed to acquire money are also some of the consequences. 

So, investing billions and billions to perpetuate such a system is lunacy and selfish short-sightedness. Those billions should be used to introduce a new system that puts people and Nature first and that does not refrain from tackling the problems mentioned because financial profits would be low. 

The new system – called summonism – would consider the benefits that actions would have to Humanity as a whole and to Nature in terms of a better, more profound and healthier life as the most important profits. 

Why not express these benefits in a value and draw up a budget that includes this value? Finances would look completely different and the economy would be much more balanced. Financial considerations would no longer be the absolute priority.

Politicians and leaders should decide to invest billions and billions in constructive actions planet Earth and its inhabitants desperately need. They need to invest in the construction of the New World of Humanity. Solidarity and the respect for people and for Nature should be highest on the agenda. 

The survival of the Earth and of its people depends on it

All presidents of all nations and all the people are on the same ship. Even the fiscal paradises are on it (maybe they can provide some extra billions). The ship urgently needs to have new and visionary sailing instructions to take it to a safe port. It can reach that destination of peace unless false values such as greed, selfishness and short-sightedness continue to blind our captain and crew to sail to the wrong port. It may look attractive and glamorous on the surface, but the water in it is acid. It eats into the hull of the ship and finally sinks it. 

Only a new set of instructions based on humanity can save the ship, its captain and crew and its passengers. But time is running out.

Majai’vi and may our ship and all people be saved!

Ambassadors of Nature and Peace 



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