Introductory letter

Humanity or human values are often lacking in the present world, causing huge problems. Time to change and rehumanize Humanity and its many activities that damage people and Nature.

Dear Madam, 
Dear Sir,

Dear Friend,

Several years ago, Danellandia started a campaign to bring peace and humanity to the entire world. Human values are the foundation of this global campaign. 

Part of this initiative is a campaign for sanity and peace. Sanity is indeed needed.

Humanity has lost direction and is focusing too much on money and on ways to make lots of it. It is losing a kind of intelligence that ever less people seem to still have or make use of.

Billions of dollars or euros are spent on trying to keep an eye on everything, everyone and everywhere. Terror has driven up the amount manifold. Gathering and processing information is a big industry. Having the information does unfortunately not mean that you have all the intelligence. Intelligence is more than just visible facts and figures.

Just imagine that hatred disappeared and that trust came in. Enormous resources would become available for education for instance. And for Nature care.

A matter of trust

With our messages that we send to friends all over the world (in politics, business, religions, etc…) we want to make people see that being trustworthy and trusting others is beneficial to both..

Our friends will be sending them on to other friends… We also send them to a growing selection of media and organizations. Some have responded positively.

After a major incident in our lives in 2004, we have carried out extensive research on various subjects like religion and happiness and hatred. People from different countries and different cultures and religions became friends that were often very open to us.

They trusted us whether black or yellow or white, whether Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Protestant, … whatever. One Muslim scholar said we reminded him of Karen Armstrong (the British author specialized in religions and related subjects).

This multitude of friends shows our openness and open-mindedness, other principles of ours. Tolerance is another.

The messages and letters that we write about many subjects are aimed at making people think about what really matters in life. 

Core message

Our final message will be one of peace for all, whatever race, culture or religion. It touches the very heart of people. Whether they have a religion or not. Whether they believe or not. 

We are non-political and are not linked to any organization. We want to be a voice of ordinary people, a voice that can be heard by decision-makers. A voice that wants to speak for all people as it feels contacted with them through what we have labelled WiSOP. It feels connected also because their suffering makes it suffer too. Some have called our messages, messages from the heart.

On the following pages, we reproduce some of the letters that we wrote. We have written down many thoughts about many different subjects. We will include them in future letters, posters and sweet diamonds (short poem-like articles)..

We hope you will want to talk about this campaign to make more people aware that somebody really cares for them and for the world we live in, not forgetting Nature.

We want to help to rehumanize our world counterbalancing the increasing robotization and financialization of it. It is getting richer in terms of money but poorer in terms of humanity. 

Traffic lights

Humanity is taking the wrong direction. It is not paying (enough) attention to the traffic lights along the road indicating we are nearing the danger zone or worse. It seems to be fatalistic and shortsighted. It is driven by Mr Money and blinded by its glitter. It is time for a helping hand that makes Humanity see clearly again. A hand that puts it back on the right track to a sustainable and bright future for all.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Danellandia Peace Foundation
Ambassadors of Nature and Peace


Danellandia – Pax 21 was created on 28 March, 2004. It is based on discussions about this world and its many problems with people from different backgrounds, countries, religions and age.

Danellandia defined 25 human values as the basis for its campaign to make this world a better and more just place in many fields of human activities: politics, economics, the media, personal relationships, education, Nature care…

You can help to promote these values by sharing the material on this site.

Become a Danellandian by promoting human values to  boost peace.

This world needs people and leaders who put humanity first and not money or power. People and leaders who unite others rather than create tension, division and conflict.

Strong human values are a passport to a sustainable future.

The world of Peace can become a reality!



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