Video-games: a barometer of our society 

Many of the most popular video-games today are focused on war and violence and have little to do with edifying human values. 

They actually freeze human warmth. 

They often aim at maximum destruction of people and material. 

Life seems to be worth just a few cents or nothing at all in their world. 

Entertaining they might be for some, but educating? We doubt it. Some video-games are still called masterpieces in the art of war. War an art? In the Third Millennium we hope it will be replaced by the art of dialogue.

A growing number of individuals only live by their own rules if they have them. They hit our society hard with violence in all its forms. Violence in inhumanly brutal ways. Killing or hurting innocent people just for nothing or for the fun of it.

“I was looking for differently coloured people to shoot down” one young killer said. He did it because he was a racist and wanted to play out what he had played in his video-game.

We are sorry to say but these games do incite some people to commit violent acts.

Why not make games that do deal with human values? They would be educating. The reward would be more respect for people themselves and for their fellow citizens. In short, a society that is easier to run. We would call them heart-warming society games to counterbalance those freezing individuality games. Why are they ever more popular?

Why not develop a game aimed at conquering war by the art of dialogue? Or a game that strengthens human values and so the very fabric of our society?

Our youth needs an anchor of life to hold onto. Our society a beacon to set sail to.

One of the game producers once said that the aim was to make the game as addictive as possible. This may seem fit of a society based on blind adoration of money, but it is unfit of a society based on true civilization and a higher level of intelligence. 

We have met young people addicted to games to the point of mixing up reality with fiction and adopting a game character without really being aware of it. It was hardly possible to get through to them anymore. They had taken on the personality of one of the characters in the game and often imitated its voice and other peculiarities. 

Making games “as addictive as possible”? Clearly reflecting the lack of deep humanity!


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