Life 2.0 – the end of Life 1.0?

Original letter from 2008

Life on Earth is threatened by the way Humanity treats Nature and people.

For the sake of power and material riches Nature has been polluted and people have been sacrificed by the millions.

We have reached the 21st century and signs are it will be the last one for Humanity unless the way of life and the way of thinking are changed drastically.

“We all win when no one or Nature loses” should be the motto of a world-wide campaign to secure a sustainable, green, fair and healthy future for all of Humanity and for Nature.  

A Newsweek article mentioned that computer engineers and scientists are trying to create life from scratch or as Newsweek puts it, Life 2.0.

As if life were a piece of hardware and a software bundle. Life 1.0 is defined to be the life as we have it today, all the result according to evolutionists of one primordial or original cell that through multiplication and mutation led to all forms of life that we know. From the simplest plant to the “complicated” human being. An awesome engineering job, isn’t it? Scientists have only started to discover part of the design.

Life is more than many scientists think

Scientists are unravelling the detailed composition of that cell. Genetic manipulation allows to create changes in existing life forms. But some scientists want to go a step further and create new life out of nothing that existed before. A new kind of original cell, so to speak. Out of synthetic material and programmed by computer software. Will that lead to the brave new world promised us? Will synthetic biology or synbio – as it is called – become a new revolution?

Creationists believe that God created the world. They consider these scientists to be playing God and as trying to compete with a genius that cannot be equalled.
Are we so fed up with what we have on this planet, that we have to create new life and start all over again?

Will the scientists build in sufficient controls not to let Life 2.0 take over the entire planet, maybe in the span of a few decades? Will they build in mechanisms to revert the process if things start to run out of control? Besides, do these scientists have the humility to admit that it will be impossible to programme also the invisible side to life, like intelligence and emotions in all their richness.

Not perfect but still beautiful

Life 1.0 is certainly not perfect, but beautiful and it is hiding still a lot of secrets. Treating Nature more respectfully could lead it to reveal some of those secrets. Besides, most of the imperfections were man-made. Man can repair most of them, but should be willing to do so. Drastically reducing all kinds of pollution would help.
Showing that Life 1.0 is the nearest to perfection as you can get and showing that we care more about it, will keep these scientists from developing life forms that might take away all life from Earth. 

Putting Life at risk for material gains?

Some laboratory experiments run too high a risk of uncontrolled new life (like bacteria) endangering existing life, including human beings. Will scientists create new cells to introduce into the human body to kill cancer cells? Why not attack cancer at the origin, as it is due to the mainly man-made pollution of the environment we live in?

Will they create new plants that can be converted into fuels? But that are still based on combustion and thus cause contamination of our environment? Why not use renewable energy sources like the sun, waves and tides that are truly green and in tune with Nature?

Cherishing Life

There are too many unanswered questions about Life 2.0. Danellandia has a few answers to questions that have not yet been asked. Danellandia hopes the world will start to appreciate Life 1.0 more again and see to it that Nature is helped to restore itself to its full splendour – resulting in a tremendous positive impact on the health of people.



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