Children’s letter to world-leaders

Lea and Oscar are two children that live in poorer countries and that , some years ago, met the Ambassadors of Nature and Peace.

They and other children were helped and give an chance to go to school. They are good students and they wrote this letter to world-leaders to try and make them feel ashamed about the billions invested in weapons, while doing too little to help children like them by putting an end to conflicts and wars and investing in education and other campaigns for children. 


We have asked our adult friends, Peter, Emma, Gabriel, Sara, Manu, Paola, Ricky, David, Robin and many others, some of whom we call Mum or Dad, to help us. They told us they would do anything they could to get us out of poverty, misery, conflicts and wars. They promised to create a world that is good and just for us, for all children and for all adults too.

We met in different places all around the world. They met us in real life and on the internet. We met in shanty towns, at school, in hospital, among buildings hit by war and in many other places.

We felt so good they listened to us. They listened to what we feel and how we suffer from violence and abuse. From not being able to go to school, from not having enough food, from not being able to see a doctor or buy a medicine.

They listened to us about our dreams. About what we want to be in life: a nurse, a doctor, a fireman, a lawyer or some other profession. They listened to us and we could see they suffered with us and shared our dreams as if they were dreaming the same as we do.

They listened and we laughed and we shed some tears too. Yes, we did. We were so open with them. They were touched by our stories and by the stories we told them about our parents, our friends and village. Stories about conflicts, abuse, torture, murder and having to flee to escape death or misery.

They were touched and they decided to do all they could to help us. They did not have the money to help us all, but some of us could go to school or buy some extra food or go and see a doctor.

They told us they would set up a campaign to make those that have the money and the power to help us and all children of the world, feel the pain and suffering that they saw here meeting us and listening to us.

How can you spend billions on weapons?

They would make world-leaders feel ashamed that so little is done to make sure we can go to school and study to become a doctor, a nurse, a fireman or someone else.

Why spend billions on weapons of destruction?

They would make world-leaders feel ashamed that billions are spent on weapons and on war. Wars that have made life for us difficult and dangerous.

They would make world-leaders see that they are not really fit – or not yet – to lead because they cannot feel our pain and suffering. Because they continue to make war, to buy and sell weapons and to quarrel among them and to not agree on helping us.

They would make world-leaders feel that they need to change or leave the scene. We and all children of the world, as well as all adults, need leaders that treat us with respect as if we were their own son or daughter.

Come and visit us to see with your own eyes

We know it is not an easy job trying to convince world-leaders and other people to let go of weapons and of struggles or wars to gain power and riches. We know but we feel our friends will do their utmost to get us out of this world of poverty, violence, abuse, selfishness, greed and confusion and to bring Peace to us and to all children, women and men.

We would like all world-leaders and all people having the money and power to help us. We cannot understand they still do not do so.

We would like all leaders and other people to come and live with us here for a few days so they can see how we live. So they can listen to us too and hear about our dreams, fears and worries. So their hearts are touched by our stories. So they feel sad and ashamed and decide once and for all to solve poverty, abuse and violence.

Please change and help us!


Lea and Oscar
On behalf of all children of the World

Letter based on real life meetings and experiences. Names of children changed.



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