UNGM on Earth Survival Pact

The entire world is faced with problems that require a global approach by all countries whatever their political or economic system.

The very survival of Earth and Humanity is being threatened by Nature degradation, wars, crime, societal disintegration and violence of all sorts.

The common approach should be based on Peace defined as the respect of Universal Human Values (Lex Mater or Lex Majai) and Universal Human Rights.

It’s absurd to continue “business as usual” because the damage it has been causing to people and to Nature is becoming worse by the day.


UN-DNA G200+ meeting
“Peace and Liberation”.

The UN are requested to hold a G200+ meeting soonest, to which all countries and nations recognized or not yet are invited.

All countries and nations are requested to hold a national Pax 21 meeting to which all political parties – recognized or not yet are invited.


– Pax 21 Global Moratorium on all wars 
– Pax 21 Global Clean-up Operation.

Peace is still mainly seen as the absence of war. But what about the reasons behind wars and conflicts? 

Peace is also the absence of violence of any kind: poverty, commercial exploitation, Nature degradation, fraud, tax evasion, corruption and the like.

The agenda should focus on freeing us from this kind of violence too and on strengthening justice, honesty, respect, fairness… globally and to the benefit of all people and of Nature.

Appeal for UN General Meeting
on Earth Survival Pact – Pax Majai

Appeal to all leaders to end wars and be deeply human

“No one has the right to take the life of any child, woman or man”

Dear Mr Guterres,
Dear leaders,

The United Nations was founded in 1945 and its main guideline is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights passed in 1948.

No one can ignore the United Nations has had a major role in promoting Peace and Justice around the world. Yet, no one can ignore the United Nations are really not that united at all. If they were, no innocent children, women or men would be sacrificed in wars that are in breach of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Is life not a fundamental human right?

Different views and interpretations of the Human Rights and of the way to warrant them, have made it difficult if not impossible to reach agreements about small and bigger issues. The killing of innocent civilians is a major issue, is it not?

COP conferences on Climate Change and the measures to be taken by all countries urgently, have shown how divided all nations still are. They might agree on the need to take measures but they often still disagree about their urgency.. 

In addition, many nations or countries are also very much divided internally – some even to the point of huge conflicts between different parties or groups of the population, some even being at war or on the brink of it.

One Voice

The major reason why the United Nations is still far from being one Voice of one United World or one Humanity is the lack of Peace or a common definition of Peace.

Human rights are still interpreted in a way so as to correspond with the local laws, rules, beliefs, politics, economics, religions and other ways of organizing or should we say dividing nations, countries, regions, races, groups of people on principles that often run contrary to the very spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Declaration though universal is not seen as binding. It should change! Given the absolutely untenable tensions now being felt across the globe. Tensions resulting from the lack of a common beacon and the dominating principle of “divide and win”, even when it has been evident for ages this view and lack of real authority of the United Nations is taking us to disasters more severe than the present ones. This view and lack of authority has also allowed some to take the life of other people as if any law justified it.

Declaration of Universal Human Values

COP conferences and other global initiatives have not reached the level of authority that all of Humanity has been needing for a long time. The climate change issue is but one of the many aspects of the overall disintegration of societies and the growing inability to form stable governments in many countries (leading to growing distrust in governments and other forms of authority).

What is needed is a Declaration of Universal Human Values similar to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, except that the Declaration of Universal Human Values will indeed be binding and enforceable…

11.11 is the Day of the Commemoration of the Armistice ending World War I. A war in which more than 20 million people were killed and another 20 million people were wounded, all sacrificed to “BABEL” or Big Aberration and Big Lie.

Human Rights and Human Values – unassailable

Human Rights combined with Human Values will make the difference between continuing to destroy Nature and consequently Humanity and the start of building lasting Peace and saving Earth and its inhabitants by repairing the damage done to Nature and to people and preventing further damage right away. Across the globe and across all borders and other divisions based on BABEL.

The Declaration of Universal Human Values or Lex Mater is based on a penetrating analysis of human history and the impact the lack of universal Human Values or Peace has had on Humanity throughout the world.

Lex Mater or Natura Mater’s Law of all laws was noted down in several languages after friends from different backgrounds from around the world that met in real life and on the internet in the early 2000s, had discussed issues related to human values and Peace for several years.

They found common ground though they belong to different countries, nations, races, religions or no-religion, political and economic systems. They found common ground in their faith in Goodness in all humans. They felt united in their knowledge of what we call WiSOP or language of Peace or majai – the original mother tongue of all human beings and more.

Lex Mater

Lex Mater consists of 25 universal human values. After noting down these values they were further analyzed, discussed extensively and put to the test. Global issues as well as other issues at a personal and inter-relational level were held against these values.

Problems and conflicts were found to be largely caused by the lack of human values. Boosting these values helped to solve the issues or to reduce their intensity and scope.

Universal or global beacon for Peace and Justice

Lex Mater or the Law of Peace should become the global beacon and guideline to take Humanity to a higher level of civilization. Finally ending the low CIQ world of today full of violence, deceit, abuse and legalized illegalities.

CIQ stands for higher human intelligence or cosmic intelligence. It makes you feel connected with the whole of Humanity and makes you suffer at seeing any innocent child, woman or man suffer needlessly and without any justification whatsoever.

It makes you feel angry at seeing the inertia or lack of decisive action on the part of the “International Community” – sorry to say, but it is not a community as it allows so much needless and primitively barbaric violence.

Indeed, no single law and rule passed by lower CIQ minds guided by the Big Lie that “some are more equal or superior to others and to Nature” can ever justify this kind of absurd violence.

Big Aberration of huge consequences

Peace is now hampered or made impossible because so many laws and rules were passed by lower CIQ minds. First the Biggest Aberration in human history was made: dissociating Nature from the Higher Intelligence or the Divine or whatever name is given to “Love” or MPTA or Majai in WiSOP, the language of Peace.

Indeed, considering Nature as a mere commodity you are allowed to exploit and abuse has proven to be disastrous and ever more so. It simply cannot go on. We are destroying Life and our habitat. We are killing ourselves…

Continuing to uphold such principles based on BABEL is equal to self-destruction and the confirmation of being detached from Natura Mater – the origin and source of Life. And of thinking and acting at a lower CIQ level.

All victims united for Peace and Justice

Let all victims of the “divide, rule and destroy” principle and of the historical Big Aberration and Big Lie that have led to so many people and Nature being damaged and hurt, unite as one Voice and demand the United Nations to reform and really unite.

Let all victims of BABEL – in actual fact, every human being living now and in the past has been a victim of BABEL – demand the United Nations Security Council to be convened soonest to discuss the “Global Earth Survival Pact” or Natura Pax and prepare an Extraordinary General Assembly about the Earth Survival Pact or Pax Majai.

All violence against people and against Nature based on laws, rules, beliefs and theories in breach of Lex Mater is to be stopped and Humanity taken to a higher level of civilization forsaking violence and not considering it as “part of humanity or life” – another aberration and low CIQ view. Equally aberrational it is to consider it to be only natural for humans to compete with each other even to the point of killing each other. If it keeps this principle, Humanity will stay “underdeveloped in terms of CIQ”. It will not be able to reach Peace and will continue on the path towards total destruction.

Stop all killings and other violence

The Big Lie has to stop. Like the Big Aberration, it has to be righted. It is the only way to bring sanity, peace and justice to the present world that is utterly mad and barbaric when seen through the eyes of Peace and of CIQ.

Indeed, can anyone right in mind, heart and soul consider spending billions and billions on mass destructive weapons, while a few dollars or euros could save the lives of so many innocent children suffering horribly and dying of hunger in wars waged by – please excuse the expression – deranged or detached minds, low or very low in CIQ?

Ever since they originated in a mind or minds detached from MPTA, Natura Mater or the Superior Intelligence or Wisdom Supreme, the Big Aberration and Big Lie have been taking the whole of Humanity to the seemingly insurmountable predicament it is now in.

No-one should any longer consider to have the right to take the life of any innocent child, woman or man based on the Big Lie or on a law, rule or belief contrary to Lex Mater of the Law of Majai..

No-one wherever can have the authority to ruin the future of any innocent child, woman or man on the basis of such anti-MPTA laws, rules or beliefs.

No-one wherever can have the right to abuse or disrespect Natura Mater, the very essence or Life itself.

United Nations as Natura Pax Authority – binding

Therefore, the United Nations should become the Natura Pax Authority or Global Peace Authority or, if not feasible or possible for various reasons, help to create it to defend the life of any child, woman or man now being tortured, imprisoned, abused or threatened by any person basing his/her authority on an anti-MPTA law, rule or belief. As well as the Authority to defend the inalienable right of Natura Mater to be treated with due respect as Humanity’s essential and prime partner.

Natura Pax Tribunal of Humanity and Peace

The United Nations or a newly to be created international institution should set up an International Court of Peace, Justice and Humanity (ICPJH) to bring all violators of MPTA or Natura Mater’s Lex Mater to justice. Wherever on planet Earth. How can anyone right in mind, heart and accept so many atrocities still being committed today? Committed by people low in CIQ and heartless or soulless.

Code of Life

MPTA or Natura Mater and its Lex Mater consider all borders or divisions of Humanity as an obstacle to Peace when they do not respect the values ingrained in all truly human beings or in DNA+, the invisible but all important Code of Life that unites all children, women and men wherever they live, whatever the country, nation, race, gender, religion or no-religion, political or economic system they belong to.

Why and how the Code of Life was discovered and why and how it confirmed the whole set-up and organization of the present world can no longer be based on a Big Aberration or a Big Lie, is already being felt and understood by ever more people across the world (the so-called Majai Generation of Peace).

People of a higher level of CIQ and having the ability to speak WiSOP and to feel united with MPTA or Majai. Some of these CIQs are even willing to sacrifice their lives to end the madness and incredibly and unjustified but often legalized abuse and lethal methods used against innocent children, women and men and against Nature or Life itself. Some of them have been threatened already (social media are up for a drastic paxitization as well).

Peace – universal Human Values and Rights

The UN Security Council is requested to discuss the global acceptance of Peace as the respect of Natura Mater’s Lex Mater or universal human values. All countries are requested to take the Natura Pax Vow and accept the Natura Pax Convention as the guide or beacon to build the New World of Peace and Justice, taking civilization to a higher or CIQ level.

No single leader worth leading anyone should be against Lex Mater as it is the reflection of Natura Mater’s Peace with Humanity. If he/she refuses to accept it, he/she is requested to look into the mirror right into the cora or pupil and ask MPTA to help him/her reconnect. Incredible it is for some leaders to pray and ask for favours, while those favours benefit just themselves or their limited group and damage others or Nature. If he/she cannot reconnect, he/she is asked to paxitize to discover what factors, actors and beliefs have been detaching him/her and have made him/her act against MPTA, Natura Mater or Lex Mater – in short, against Peace.

Natura Pax or Nature’s Pact for a New World of Peace and Justice wants everyone to be part of the New World. Everyone is given the chance to become part of the New Humanity carried on CIQ – liberating the world of today full of violence, war, abuse, deceit, fake and confusion from the shackles imposed by all laws, rules and beliefs based on the Big Lie and Big Aberration.

Truth of Life

Only the Truth of Life can rescue Earth and make it the jewel of the Universe it could have been from the very start, but has not been as a result of the historical Aberration and the big but still very present Lie.

Only the Truth of Life reflected in the Declaration of Universal Human Values or Lex Mater combined with the Declaration of Universal Human Rights can rescue us all: “all children, women and men are equal and they all as well as Natura Mater must be respected always and everywhere”.

The brutal killing and violence against innocent children, women and men should be halted now. The United Nations should become or help to create the Natura Pax Authority (or Global Peace Authority) accepted by all leaders and other people across all borders. Not accepting it, is a clear indication of a level of CIQ still too low to feel the pain and suffering of a child dying of hunger or in a war as if it were your own.

Please stop this madness and let us upgrade civilization by embracing Peace as the respect of universal human values and, indeed, universal human rights.

Majai’vi or Peace to all and to Nature!


DNA Nature Alliance – Natura Pax
Ambassadors of Nature and Peace
www.naturapax.net  – www.newworlpact.org


Danellandia – Pax 21 is based on discussions about this world and its many problems with people from different backgrounds, countries, religions and age.

Danellandia or World land of Peace is based on the Dream of Peace (2004). Its legistation defines 25 human values as the basis for its campaign to make this world a better and more just place in many fields of human activities: politics, business, the media, personal relationships, education, Nature care…

You can help to promote these values by sharing the material on this site. This world needs people and leaders who put humanity first and not money or power. People and leaders who unite others rather than create tensions, divisions, conflicts and war.

Strong human values are a passport to a sustainable, fair, green and healthy future.

The world of Peace can become a reality! 



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