Golden key to a bright future

Many people would do just about anything to acquire gold and other so-called precious metals. Some would even kill other people, wage wars and damage Nature beyond repair.

Gold is just a metal that people are made to believe it is worth a lot. In our overmaterialistic word, it has become worth more than people or human warmth.

Gold and finance has largely taken over the “collective mindset”. Peace and Love (in all their forms) have been degraded and, yet, they are the real riches and the key to a bright, green and sustainable future.  

Selling or promoting Peace is much more difficult than selling gold. Why? Is it really more precious or just thought to be?

Since so many centuries and all across planet Earth, gold has taken over the Mind, while Peace as part of Heart or essence of Life has been neglected so often and everywhere. Just for the purpose of acquiring more gold or material riches.

Yet, we all need Peace and Heart to be alive and to be living a life worth living. Peace and Heart let us be truly human.

We also all need Nature or Natura Mater, also part of Heart or the Core of all that matters. Without Nature, we would not exist. We would not have air, water, soil or food – essential to all life.

Yet, gold has taken over the Mind and made many people blind and deaf to what Heart can offer. Nature has been abused and mistreated ever since gold was made to believe to be worth more than life. The life of millions of people, including many children, has been sacrificed because of gold.

Incredible it is to abuse Nature and people just for the sake of gold, other metals and money. Incredible to any clear mind that is in balance with Heart.

Just a perception

Gold is worth what the perception of it makes it to be.

To Natura Mater, Peace and Heart it is actually worth nothing. It is just a metal that some have made us to believe it is worth more than life. Worth taking away the life of others or damaging Nature, the Mother of it all.

Ever since gold acquired the status of “eternal riches”, it has taken many people – some considered to be great and mighty – away from the riches we all share. Not a metal or anything tangible, but something we all carry in us from birth: Peace and Love.

Real riches

Peace and Love are the real riches. They make us shine as little suns, capable of giving warmth – just as essential to life as the warmth and energy of the Sun.

Peace and Love and the warmth and energy they generate, are the only values that can take us to a sustainable, green and healthy future for all and for Nature.

Gold or other “currencies” should not be more than a tool to restore the damage done and to make sure no damage is done in the future. No more damage to people or to Natura Mater.

Without Peace or Love or real values a sustainable, green and healthy future can never be reached.

No gold or any other metal – believed to be precious and/or eternal – can make our future as bright as Peace and Love can. What’s more: they are free for all and endlessly renewable.

Majai’vi! Peace and Love be to all and to Nature!


Robin, Emma, Peter and all
Ambassadors of Nature and Peace




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Strong human values are a passport to a sustainable, fair, green and healthy future.

The world of Peace can become a reality! 


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