How can anyone kill children? 

In many countries around the world, wars are waged for reasons that are incompatible with Peace, though those waging war often refer to a “Higher Power” (given many names) to justify their wars and to supposedly give them the right to kill innocent children, women and men.

It shows Peace is not understood, misunderstood or twisted to suit individual interests incompatible with the “Core of Life” to which, Peace, Life, Love, Nature and Humanity belong.

It shows those waging war have become (largely) disconnected from it and are not six-sensing that all human beings are part of the “Core of Life” and deserve to be treated with respect always and everywhere. 

War does not justify any kind of atrocities! Killing innocent children, women and men is an atrocity to anyone right in mind, heart and soul. 

The term “war” is all too often used to justify killings and other violence, while “collateral damage” is all too often seen as acceptable in wars.

Yet, war is a blasphemy to Peace and those that pray and kill have surely never really felt or six-sensed that Peace is part of the “Undefinable of Peace and Happiness” or whatever the name given to the “Power above all humans” or the “Core of Life”.

Collateral damage by itself designates blatant abuse of anyone’s fundamental right to Life – universal and to be respected by all. No one has the right to kill or maim anyone whatsoever and wherever.

Feeling connected Heart-to-heart

Understanding Peace and six-sensing it “in the core of your heart” makes you realize you are on the wrong side when you use violence and war to impose your will or ideals on others by using brutal force and deadly weapons.

Ideals are incompatible or stand in the way of Peace when they breach the fundamental right to Life or Nature’s Lex Mater.

Life, Peace, Love and Nature are all part of the “Power” that unites us all as human beings belonging to one single Humanity.

Killing anyone indicates being (largely) disconnected from the “Power” or “Core of Life”.

Giving up all weapons and wars and respecting Life, Peace, Love, Nature and all human beings always and everywhere is the only way to reconnect and (re)discover what you are supposed to be: a human being “born to be and do peace” and not to use violence or war on anyone or on Nature.

Majai’vi or Peace to all and to Nature!


Ambassadors of Nature and Peace 



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