I’m sick of it  – Majai too

I’m sick of all these wars.
I’m sick of all these massacres.
Killing innocent children, women and men.
How can this be?

It’s not just me who’s fed up.
There’s someone else who’s had enough.

She told me so in a dream.
A dream so overwhelming, so impactful.

A dream that contained everything.
A dream that held the key.

The key to getting out.
To end the wars.
To end the massacres.

So that everyone could have a life
worthy of being called life.

Stop the wars.
Stop the massacres.

Because we must understand
that we are not alone.
We live here in and with Nature.
With Natura Majai, the Mother of everything.

She knows everything.
She follows you, she guides you.

But you have to open your heart to that.
Because without a heart that beats
in sync with her
you’ll never move on to eternity.

To an eternity of happiness and health.
To Peace forever.


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