I am sick

I am the Tree of Life.

I am getting sicker every day.
Many branches are getting heavier and heavier.
Not because of their weight in kilos,
but because of their greed.

All my branches are suffering.
The health of the whole tree
is being threatened.
The heavy branches do not realize
that they are destroying me
and therefore also themselves.

For many years their greed has been
the main reason for the destruction of this tree.
They want it all for themselves.
They want as much light as possible
and for this they push other branches
completely away or even cut them off.

Their greed also attracts all kinds
of parasites and diseases.
Healthy branches start to lose their strength.
They feel displaced.

If the heavy branches do not realize
that they are ruining everything,
we have to take drastic measures.
First we will try to get them to change.
If not, we will go through a storm.
So that their so-called strength
will clearly abandon them
and they will fall off me.


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