Jesus seen as a Peace and Nature activist

Jesus for Peace, that’s how we feel about him. He is the embodiment of Peace, and today he would be a Peace and Nature activist, that’s for sure.

In some countries, Jesus and his teachings are often a factor in politics and other areas. Very often, Jesus and what he stands for are misunderstood, even abused. He would fight for the truth and set things straight.

Religions cannot be called “equal to faith”, because they are influenced by factors that stand in the way of peace or (mutual) understanding with other religions. Too many atrocities have been committed by followers of various religions. Even today!!!

If Jesus lived today, what would he, as a Peace and Nature activist, think of today’s world, the many horrific wars and deliberate mistreatment of Nature? And of the way politicians, business leaders and people in general treat their fellow citizens and Nature?

What would people who believe in him or in Peace, or anyone concerned with a better world for all, think?

If Jesus were alive today…

He would not be able to understand why so many lives are wasted and ruined.

He would not be able to understand that wars and killing innocent people are considered normal.

He would not be able to understand why so much money is wasted on destructive activities such as wars while the money could be used to save many people and Nature.

He would not be able to understand the magnitude of the selfishness, greed and indifference of a large part of the people on this planet.

He would not be able to understand how people can disrespect Nature at such a scale as to endanger all life on Earth.

He would not be able to understand the excessive materialism and the lust for exclusive luxury of a large number of people especially when half of the world’s population does not have enough food or basic facilities.

He would not be able to understand the endless political bickering and conflict about imperfect socio-economic and political systems, leaving so many people out in the cold.

He would not be able to understand why religions and political parties have not agreed on a common compendium of universal values.

He would not be able to understand why some religions and political parties consider themselves to be superior to others.

If Jesus were alive today…

He would try to make it clear that there is only one Peace, one Humanity, one Nature and one Love.

He would try to make it clear that most political parties are a kind of religion too. They adore money as their god. Even if it often implies riches for some at the expense of many others. Money should be a tool to strengthen humanity and not an aim in itself, causing some to hurt or even kill others or damage Nature.

He would try to make it clear that life is strengthening humanity or human values in harmony with Nature and being guided by Peace.

He would try to make it clear that peace results from the respect of human values. Human values are the basis of a sound society and a healthy planet.

He would try to make it clear that these human values should be common to all people, all religions and all political parties – across all borders and walls.

He would try to make it clear that “God” or what “God” stands for can only be reached by building Peace and that Peace can only be reached by respecting human values.

Jesus could be called a Peace activist and today, he would also be a Nature activist.

His teachings and ideas are still inspiring people all over the world to warn us all we have to change how this world is run and how people and Nature are treated. He inspires many of us still, though some have no religion. We share the common human values.

Majai’vi or Peace to all!

Ambassadors of Nature and Peace 


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You can help to promote these values by sharing the material on this site. This world needs people and leaders who put humanity first and not money or power. People and leaders who unite others rather than create tensions, divisions, conflicts and war.

Strong human values are a passport to a sustainable, fair, green and healthy future.

The world of Peace can become a reality! 



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