A kiss on your heart

We have been to Brazil many times. A huge country with many opportunities and yet, like so many other countries, hit by social unrest and violence.

Politics have become so polarized that it is unclear what politicians really stand for and what they want the future of their country to be.

Opinions are so diverse and dialogue so difficult.

It could be different. One of the main assets are its people. They make you feel at home. They are so open and making friends is easy.

Friends often end a conversation with “a kiss on your heart”. It says a lot about Heart and hearts.

A kiss on the heart of Brazil

We love Brazil. We have been there many times in the last 30 years and have made some good friends – friends of heart, who have given us so much and who, despite the distance, always seem to be close.

Whatsapp helped us to overcome the distance of thousands of miles, but something else helped us to keep our friendship so strong.

We remember that one of our friends, Claudio, sent us a message about friendship and how he got so attached to our country. He ended it with “um beijo no teu coração” or “a kiss on your heart”.

This was many years ago and these words continue to pop into our minds when we think of Brazil, because yes and very clearly, “heart” is very present there. We felt it the first time we went to Brazil: the human warmth or the heart to heart communication that the vast majority of its people use. The Brazilian people are simply phenomenal in many ways.

We were in many places: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Salvador, Fortaleza, Belém, Curitiba, Manaus, Iguaçu, Florianópolis, Santos, Sorocaba and other cities. In all places, it was easy to make friends. We can still remember where we were when we met them, because it was as if we had met them years before. This feeling was very frequent. So were the hugs, and so were the tears. The tears of joy and gratitude for the affection and warmth that makes us feel happy. But also the tears of sadness and pain for what we saw and experienced firsthand.

In Brazil, we visited big companies, authorities, governors, but we also visited the favelas and talked to many children. Some conversations we could reconstruct as if they had happened yesterday. Yes, we feel moved when we think about the street kids that told us about their dreams: “I want to be a doctor or a lawyer…”.

We could continue this letter and write pages and pages about our “Land of the Heart”, because this is the general feeling that Brazil gives us. The country has so many good things to offer. Nature, its people, and its human warmth stand out. Thinking about this, our heart seems to beat stronger as if it were in tune with the Heart of Brazil and with the people.

Seeing on the Internet how things are now and reading the messages from our friends and others about politics, the economy, the absurd rise in prices, violence, the electoral campaign and the uncertainty and even fear about the future, the sadness ends up making us feel the urge to hug our friends. Many of them don’t know who to vote for. They have no preference or candidate.

This makes us feel the desire to hug all the Brazilian people, because they (and everyone else in this world of confusion) deserve politicians with a different style.

Politicians who have become what we call “paxiticians”, that is, people who know how to communicate heart-to-heart and who feel the presence of the Heart that unites us all. All Brazilians and the rest of the world too. And it has nothing or little to do with religion, but with true faith.

What matters, and what also matters to Heart and to Jesus – very present in Brazil through the many churches of different styles and seeming to be a candidate without being able to say what he thinks – is the honesty and humanity of the politicians.

Heart represents the best that we all have within us: love or true humanity. This seems to be missing in the political scene in Brazil and in so many other countries. Politics continues to adhere to the Babel principle of “divide and rule”. In elections anywhere in the world, we would have to be able to vote for Heart, for goodness, for love, or for true humanity.

Well, let’s end and invite you to visit our imaginary World land of Peace, Danellandia, that was founded on “conversations with Heart”, which we have called Pax or Peace since we were children. And we have no religion so to speak, but we have a deep faith in Heart or Goodness or Peace or Pax.

To the Brazilian people “a kiss on your heart” and we hope that in a short time we will have Peace as our king or president. It may be in our imagination, but feeling the presence of Peace or Heart beating in our hearts and letting ourselves be inspired by its warmth, we can certainly make Brazil and the whole world a home for all – in full respect of Natura Mater or Mother Nature.

Majai’vi for all (Peace and Love for all)!


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