Global Clean-up Operation

Global Clean-up Operation

No one or maybe just a limited group can ignore that this world is going through an existential crisis.

The obsession with money and finances and its consequences have made a mess of this world. And everybody is being affected.

Human values are a major tool to clean it up. Without common universal human values that are respected in all sectors of life and in all countries, the present crisis is bound to get worse. 

If we want a sustainable future – for all people and for Nature – we have to change our way of life and our mentality. Boosting human values to reduce the devastating lust for power and riches is the way to go.

Pax Majai Ceasefire - Letter of Intent

Pax Majai Ceasefire – Letter of Intent

Seeing so much violence and so many people killed or injured in the war in Israel and Gaza, but also in Ukraine, Sudan, Ethiopia and many other countries, the Ambassadors for Nature and Peace call on all warring parties to accept an immediate Ceasefire. It is in the interest of all parties involved. No one would want to continue to kill or hurt innocent children, men and women.

They call upon all parties to wars and conflicts to openly declare their willingness to attend the Pax Majai Global Meeting on “Peace and Liberation” based on Lex Majai or the Universal Human Values of Natura Pax.

A new "holy" land or land of Peace

A new “holy” land or land of Peace

Ever since the 1940s, the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has claimed the lives of many thousands of victims on both sides. 

Several wars have erupted from time to time and now, yet again, it is killing or maiming innocent people that did nothing wrong and just wanted to live in peace.

Does not everyone around the world have the right to lead a decent life – without being threatened by war and other violence? Israelis and Palestinians alike. And every other people, wherever on Earth.

Why not create a new land or Land of Peace where people wanting to live in peace can finally find it. A land helped financially and economically by the “international community”, finally understanding that without respect for all people and for Nature, Humanity is heading to more violence, disasters and worse. 

Letter to Israeli and Palestinian friends

Letter to Israeli and Palestinian friends

Peace has been like a mission for many of us since we were young adolescents. 

We have travelled a lot and met people from many different countries, belonging to different political and economic systems, different religions or none, and different races. 

Some of them became friends for life and were very open to us after they also saw Peace or Pax Majai as a tool to allow people to better understand each other and to put into perspective the many reasons that stand in the way of (lasting) Peace. 

Some of our friends are Israeli or Palestinian and we are worried about what will happen next in the region, hoping one day Peace or Pax Majai might be the guide there as well. 

Justice needs new definition

Justice needs new definition

Pedro’s “Dream of Peace and Liberation” was in fact an “Indictment against the World of madness, war, abuse and violence” formulated by Majai or Nature and Peace. 

The second part of the Dream was like a verdict. It presented Pax Majai as the basis for a New World where Peace as the respect for Universal Human Values would be the new guide. It would make this world good and just for all and for Nature. 

The Dream has inspired the Ambassadors of Nature and Peace to start a campaign for Peace, Sanity and Justice.

Justice needs to be based on Lex Majai or the Law of all laws. It now often allows abuse of all sorts to be legalized by laws and rules contrary to Lex Majai. 

Appeal: take the Peace Vow

Appeal: take the Peace Vow

War is no option. Peace is only future.

SOS appeal to world leaders in politics, business, religion and other fields to take the Natura Pax Vow and pledge to take the Natura Pax Universal Human Values as their guideline or beacon to build a World of Peace, Sanity and Justice for all and for Nature. Joining forces and embracing Peace or genuine humanity across all borders is the only option to save Earth and all of us.

Going it alone and continuing to fight each other is no option and has been showing clearly to lead to the extinction of all of Humanity.

Children's letter to world-leaders

Children’s letter to world-leaders

Lea and Oscar are two children that live in poorer countries and that , some years ago, met the Ambassadors of Nature and Peace.

They and other children were helped and give an chance to go to school. They are good students and they wrote this letter to world-leaders to try and make them feel ashamed about the billions invested in weapons, while doing too little to help children like them by putting an end to conflicts and wars and investing in education and other campaigns for children.

Global Moratorium on all wars

Global Moratorium on all wars

Throughout history, virtually all countries and peoples have waged wars or been victims of wars.

We have arrived in the 21st century and our generation is said to be the last one that can save Earth and Humanity.

This requires all countries to work together across all borders now hindering dialogue and cooperation.

Spending trillions on war and destruction is all the more absurd given the urgency of tackling global issues like Nature degradation, climate change, crime and societal disintegration.

Declaring a global cease-fire in all wars and a world-wide Moratorium on War is just logical when fully sensing how serious the troubles are we’ve all been put in.

Appeal for Peace, Sanity and Justice

Appeal for Peace, Sanity and Justice

Looking at this world of wars, commercial exploitation, abuse of Nature and other violence from the perspective of Peace defined as the respect of Lex Mater, you cannot but see Humanity is losing its very essence: being truly human. Lex Mater or the Law or all laws or Universal Human Values, together with the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, should be the basis of the Earth Survival Pact. Humanity needs to upgrade civilization and finally put an end to “investing in war and death” to prevent more suffering and total extinction.
Let's end the World of Madness

Let’s end the World of Madness

We are all becoming victims or collateral damage of the World of Madness – victims of violence and abuse of all sorts.

The main reason behind the madness are the babelonic principles of “divide and rule” and “some are superior to others and to Nature and have the right to exploit and abuse them”.

These principles that originated in the distorted or mad mind of a human or humanoid being at the beginning or civilization, need to be replaced urgently by “we all win when no one or Nature loses”. We all have the birthright to be respected always and everywhere!

Jesus is back as a Peace and Nature activist

Jesus is back as a Peace and Nature activist

Jesus for Peace, that’s how we feel about him. He is the embodiment of Peace, and today He is back as a Peace and Nature activist, that’s for sure.

In some countries, Jesus and his teachings are often a factor in politics and other areas. Very often, Jesus and what He stands for are misunderstood, even abused. He will now again fight for the truth and set things straight.

Jesus is back as a Peace and Nature activist, making it clear that the many horrific wars and deliberate mistreatment of Nature are a blasphemy to God or Natura Majai.

Letter of Peace to world-leaders

Letter of Peace to world-leaders

In 2004, after being harassed at work for quite some time, our friend Pedro had what we call a “brain clash” in which he was presented like a film about the present world and its endless problems, some life-threatening. It also dealt with the reasons for these problems.

The mental film ended with a proposal to build a New World of Peace, Sanity and Justice – for all people and for Nature. A world based on Lex Majai (Universal Human Values).

Pedro wrote this letter and we would like to invite world-leaders and others to think about why this world is such a mess and do more to get us all out of it. 


Danellandia – Pax 21 is based on discussions about this world and its many problems with people from different backgrounds, countries, religions and age.

Danellandia or World land of Peace is based on the Dream of Peace (2004). Its legistation defines 25 human values as the basis for its campaign to make this world a better and more just place in many fields of human activities: politics, business, the media, personal relationships, education, Nature care…

You can help to promote these values by sharing the material on this site. This world needs people and leaders who put humanity first and not money or power. People and leaders who unite others rather than create tensions, divisions, conflicts and war.

Strong human values are a passport to a sustainable, fair, green and healthy future.

The world of Peace can become a reality! 



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