Global Moratorium on War

Throughout history, virtually all countries and peoples have waged wars or been victims of wars.

We have arrived in the 21st century and our generation is said to be the last one that can save Earth and Humanity. This requires all countries to work together across all borders now hindering dialogue and cooperation.

Spending trillions on war and destruction is all the more absurd given the urgency of tackling global issues like Nature degradation, climate change, crime and societal disintegration.

Declaring a global cease-fire in all wars and a world-wide Moratorium on War is only logical when fully sensing how serious the troubles are we’ve all been put in. 

Moratorium on all wars world-wide

The Corona virus is proving to be more difficult to knock out than expected. The virus is adapting rapidly and new variants appear continuously.

People all around the world are infected and affected. Many people die, become ill and are losing their courage or heart.

Two long years of hoping the Corona crisis will be over soon… It is not over yet. Some scientists predict it will last several more years.

Awakening to Global Peace

he Corona virus has made us much more aware of what is really important in life: health, healthy air, water and food, friendship, peace and love.

It has made us much more aware of the reasons why we have not had these most important elements in our lives. And also, why these reasons are not tackled as they could be tackled.


The main reason why is Madness and the fact we all live in a world of Madness, while the overwhelming majority of people all around the world do not want to be there. They want to live in a world of Peace and Sanity, where they have health, healthy air, water and food. A world where they can enjoy human warmth by sharing friendship and love (in their many forms) with their partners, children, friends, school mates, fellow citizens. In short, with the rest of the world.

The reason why this Madness has never been tackled or never cured and seems to be going on and on, is one Big Aberration and one Big Lie that have guided, dominated or ruled the entire world ever since they originated in the mind of some deranged human or humanoid being.


BABEL, as the Biggest Aberration and Biggest Lie can be code-named, consists in dissociating Nature from the Supreme or Summum Bonum or Superior Intelligence or the Undefinable, on the one hand, and considering some people to be superior to others and to Nature and having the right to dominate, manipulate and abuse other people and Nature, on the other.

For many centuries and now more clearly than ever before, BABEL has proved to be utter Madness and a blasphemy to the Summum Bonum or Undefinable or Divine.

Corona and Cornucopia

The Corona virus has been showing us we need to awaken and realize we are living in a world of Madness and that we are all infected and affected by the Cornucopia virus or virus of plenty. Plenty for part of Humanity and not so plenty or almost nothing for the other part.

Both the Corona and Cornucopia viruses are very tough to combat, but they can be combated. This combat is the most important “War” ever waged by Humanity. It is a “War on Madness” or the “War on BABEL”.

The combat will require drastic measures across all borders and walls. It requires concerted action on the part of all countries, nations, corporations, religions, races… In short, everyone across the globe has to take part. It is the Biggest Humanitarian Campaign ever.

BABEL principles like “divide and rule” or “we are superior to others and to Nature”, should be let go of and be replaced “united we survive, divided we perish” and “we will all win, when nobody loses”.

Moratorium on War

In order for all people around the world to win and get out of the Madness we are all living in, a global Moratorium on War needs to be declared immediately. War should no longer be considered as Art. It has been considered Art by BABEL-minded or BABEL-manipulated people.

All parties involved should stop all hostilities and start an analysis of why they are what and how they are against the light of the antidote to BABEL, an antidote that can be used by anyone across the globe. It has been present in all human beings ever since “civilization” or human development began. But BABEL has relegated it to become second fiddle or even less.

Peace as the key to free us from Madness

Peace is the antidote to BABEL and so the key to combat Madness or the Biggest Aberration and Biggest Lie that have caused so much “inhuman damage” to people and to Nature. Still today, trillions are invested in wars and other destructive activities that cause damage to people and to Nature.

Peace or Lex Mater or Universal Human Values shared across all borders of all countries, nations, corporations, religions, races and other groups is to be the guide and beacon to take the entire world from Madness to Sanity, Health and Peace.

Peace or Lex Mater to finally free or liberate us from BABEL and its disastrous Madness that has been taking all of Humanity to extinction.

Majai’vi or Peace to all people and to Nature, the Mother of all and more.


Ambassadors of Nature and Peace



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Strong human values are a passport to a sustainable, fair, green and healthy future.

The world of Peace can become a reality! 


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