Pax Majai Ceasefire – Letter of Intent

Seeing so much violence and so many people killed or injured in the war in Israel and Gaza, but also in Ukraine, Sudan, Ethiopia and many other countries, the Ambassadors for Nature and Peace call on all warring parties to accept an immediate Ceasefire. It is in the interest of all parties involved. No one would want to continue to kill or hurt innocent children, men and women.

They call upon all parties to wars and conflicts to openly declare their willingness to attend the Pax Majai Global Meeting on “Peace and Liberation” based on Lex Majai or the Universal Human Values of Natura Pax.

Pax Majai – Letter of Intent for lasting Peace

Agreement to declare an immediate ceasefire and to openly declare the willingness to hold Peace Talks between the parties to the conflicts and wars on the basis of Lex Mater or Lex Majai: Common Universal Human Values

Letter to the warring parties

City of Peace, Danellandia, 20 October 2023

Dear Sir, dear Madam,

On behalf of our international team of Ambassadors of Nature and Peace or Pax Majai Messengers, we would like to explain how we could help you to reach a Peace Agreement or at least make you see the conflict from the perspective of Peace or Majai and try to avoid killing innocent children, men and women. But, Majai-wise we do not want anyone to be killed anymore. 

We want everyone to be given the chance to change by making them realize that  they were seeing things from a perspective not in tune with Majai, Peace, Heart or genuine humanity. 

Let us start by saying that we are independent of any country as we were presented a World land of Peace, Sanity and Justice. We created Danellandia. It is still virtual and was inspired by our friend Pedro’s Dream of Peace and Liberation in early 2004. He was about to pass away when he had like a conversation with Majai or Peace and Nature (or better Natura Majai). On the basis of that Dream and the many inspirations related to it and other experiences, we present you this proposal. 

Immediate ceasefire

We call upon you to openly declare a ceasefire now. Through all means, but honestly and meant from the bottom of your very being or heart.

Global Meeting “SOS Peace and Liberation”

We call upon you to openly declare you will attend the Global Meeting on Peace and Liberation on 11 November next. This meeting – virtual and/or physical – is to be organized by a neutral organization (the UN or another  – or a new one, possibly “Global Peace Authority”) to discuss the “Pax Majai Letter of Intent” between the different parties at war or involved in conflicts. A letter of Intent or Vow to signal your willingness to make achieving Peace on the basis of Pax Majai your goal as well.

Pax Majai inspired by Nature and Peace

We have a quite different view on and approach to wars and conflicts as the Dream showed the reasons behind them. However, we will only take sides with Peace (Pax Majai) itself. As Majai Ambassadors we remain neutral. Judgement should in the first instance only be made by the person to be judged him/herself. Danellandia – Pax 21 will help to do so, using only the tool of Peace or WiSOP – the language of Majai or Peace that is common to all human beings and to Nature and Majai. 

Most conflicts are the result of the lack of Peace or the ability to speak WiSOP or not sufficiently so anymore. But with willpower and the right attitude you can master WiSOP, for sure.

If you want and would like to have contact with us before the meeting, you can use the contact form on We will keep those discussions private within the walls of the World land Danellandia. We are confident you will want to do the same.

Unfortunately, we do not speak all languages, but we do speak English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. And WiSOP quite well, it seems. But please use translation apps if language is an obstacle to contacting us.

Core or Heart of all that matters

We would like to ask you to visit Danellandia and Pax 21 and discover what is at the heart or core of the messages we want to bring to all of you and to the world (at you can find a copy of the letter sent to world leaders in general). Between the lines you may already feel the Majai spirit. Indeed, we are at a crucial turning point in human history. Majai Ambassadors have been noting down messages – or should we call them SOSs – more frequently than ever before.

Some of us are interpreters, but even so it has been a difficult task trying to put into words the many hundreds of thoughts and inspirations and conversations we have had on Peace, Sanity and Justice, because we are trying to make them be understood by as many people as possible around the world.

Peace our mission

Peace has been our mission since the early 2000s or, for some of us, even earlier. And now that the world seems to be completely off track with its many wars and so many innocent people suffering and/or losing their lives and most people around the world worrying about the future (of Humanity), we are now inviting world leaders to meet with us. First virtually and perhaps hopefully later this year in person. Our wish (and we firmly believe Majai’s too) is to celebrate the Pax Majai Global Peace Accord or Convention on 25.12.

Faith in innate Goodness or Peace

We are a group of friends from all continents who met on the internet and in real life. We have met people from almost every country. Some of us still see each other quite regularly. It was WiSOP or the language of Peace and Majai that brought us together. We seem to speak that common language quite well. We have a deep belief or faith in Peace or innate Goodness in all people and we want to help people bring it out, to strengthen it within themselves and share it with the world around them. We are all products of the environment we grow up in and are moulded by factors, actors and beliefs that are not always compatible with Majai or Lex Majai. We discovered the common element that we define as the Code of Life or DNA+.

Together we have spent many hours, days and nights thinking about how to make this world a place we can all enjoy. A place without losers, but with people who want the best for themselves, for their families and for others. And also for Nature or Natura Majai as the Mother of all and for all of us and part of MPTA or Majai..

Message that impacted us for life

So please listen to our messages and be present at the meeting on 11.11. In the meantime, let’s start with a copy of the letter our friend Pedro wrote about his 2004 Dream of Peace and Liberation and how it changed his life and ours. We would like everyone to have the same kind of ”Peace and Liberation” experience. We want the whole world to have it.

We hope you will read this letter carefully and that you will want to join the discussions on 11.11 and hear what we think this world should do to save Life on Earth.

We want to help you to feel the Power of Majai as well. It is the reason many of you feel the urge to pray, but as so often happens, politics, economics, religions and other factors and actors have somehow obfuscated the core common to all religions and that is the respect for Majai or Power Supreme or another name, to which Nature also belongs. 

And, indeed, Majai does communicate in WiSOP, but it takes some time, training and some other features to understand the meaning.

Dear Sir, dear Madam, we hope you will want to support this Majai-inspired Global Peace Initiative and we look forward to meeting or hearing from you soon.

Please let us know via the form on if you want to join the Global Peace Meeting “Peace and Liberation”.

We hope this letter will be the start of a new beginning for the entire world.. And if all goes as expected, maybe we can meet you personally in the future in Danellandia Peace City (we are still debating where the physical one will be established).

Thank you very much and Majai’vi!

David, Peter, Emma, Sarah and entire ANP Team
Ambassadors of Nature and Peace


Danellandia – Pax 21 is based on discussions about this world and its many problems with people from different backgrounds, countries, religions and age.

Danellandia was created in 2004 and defined 25 human values as the basis for its campaign to make this world a better and more just place in many fields of human activities: politics, business, the media, personal relationships, education, Nature care…

You can help to promote these values by sharing the material on this site. This world needs people and leaders who put humanity first and not money or power. People and leaders who unite others rather than create tensions, divisions, conflicts and war.

Strong human values are a passport to a sustainable, fair, green and healthy future.

The world of Peace can become a reality! 



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