A sustainable and healthy future for all

Original letter from 2007

Global warming is a major threat to the survival of Humanity.

Technologies to contain or reduce the warming of planet Earth do exist. Yet, too little resources are freed to massively invest in these technologies, while billions are spent on war still.

We definitely need to change our way of living and of thinking about real values in life. Excessive materialism and superficial values have made a large part of Humanity blind to values like friendship, love and respect for people and for Nature. 

Some would do anything to acquire power and riches, including killing innocent people in wars or other violence. The result of it all is now threatening Humanity’s survival – everywhere on Earth.

We either all win or we all lose – it all

How can we achieve a sustainable future for all people and all countries? There is only one future and so all countries should do all they can to make sure that future is sustainable for all. Fighting each other is becoming more absurd than ever before and is threatening to make anybody’s future disastrous and painful.

Does history really have to repeat itself? Do we have to go from one financial, economic, geopolitical crisis to another? Do we have to suffer from endless fighting and wars?

People in the entire world are faced with ever more uncertainty and more worries about the future. The future for themselves and the future of their children and grand-children.

Why should it be that way? Is there no way to make sure people can enjoy life with less worries and more certainty about the future?

Money rules the world

One of the main worries for people across the world is whether they will be able to make ends meet. Will they have enough money to buy food or to pay for the education of their children or for the medical care they need.

Money needs to provide more stability. It needs to be a tool for progress and not a reason to fight and even kill for. People should have the means to cover their basic needs like food, housing and education always. 

The financial world needs to be reformed – it is too abusive and unfair towards the large majority of people. It helps to generate gaping inequalities and, indeed, poverty (often the result of abuse). 

Economic theories need to be reviewed as well, Banking everything on money while neglecting the real needs of people and of Nature has proved to be untenable. Leaving people to die because they have no access to food or water, while spending trillions on wars is just inhumane and unacceptable to anyone worth being called human.

Stock exchanges should take stock

The value of money or currencies is in large part influenced by what happens on the so-called stock exchanges or stock market. Yet, the ground or foundations on which the stock market is built is very shaky. It is shaky because it is largely based on expectations, speculation, manipulation and rumors. Even on companies that paint a picture of themselves that does not match reality. 

The stock market is more like a gambling house than a respected and solid institution. It worships money as a kind of Golden Calf that must be fed constantly to satisfy its insatiable appetite. 

This adoration has blinded many to the suffering of so many affected by “money rules supreme” and the excesses of the financial markets. Speculation, manipulation and orchestrated rumors cannot be called normal. But then again, the “modern world” has since ages accepted the abnormal as being normal in many instances and fields… 

Why gamble on our future?

Why not secure our future and insist that the financial system and the stock market contribute to securing it? Why let our future depend on them? 

Finance is part of a philosophy that has permeated all aspects of our lives (even the most personal domains like love have often come to be valued in terms of money). A philosophy that puts money at the very center of virtually everything. It could be called the “Golden Calf philosophy”.

“Money makes the world go round” is a very common phrase. 

Clearly, the definition of “round” is in need of revision. A thorough revision of the financial philosophy is required too. Doesn’t round mean smooth? For much of the world’s population, the ride has been anything but smooth.

To secure our future, we don’t need money first. We need vision. The vision for a New World. We need our leaders to have the courage to change course and embark on a different journey. The destination must be a sustainable future and not one that is a dead end. A sustainable future based on the right principles like “all people are equal and like Nature, our prime partner, deserve to be treated with due respect – always and everywhere”. 

Money needs to become a tool and not an aim in itself. The lack of money should not mortgage the future of Humanity as a whole. The lust for more money and/or power of some should neither. 

Global Peace Plan

What do we need to secure our future? All countries of this world must understand that the future depends on all of them and that there are no separate futures for different countries. There is only one Earth, one Nature and one future. And, indeed, only one Humanity, that can only survive through cooperation and unity and not through competing at any cost.

Global Peace Plan must be launched. Peace for people of all countries, races, cultures and religions. Peace with Nature (Nature is the force that sustains us all. We need her to have a sustainable future). We need investment on a massive global scale in projects that strengthen humanity and restore Nature. 

Fighting poverty, developing green energy, promoting peace education (including through the media), re-educating the world to become an ally of Nature and not her predator, declaring all our oceans outside the 200 mile zone and our poles the leased out property of Humanity, strengthening the cohesion of our society…. just to name a few.

Why not create the etico, a global humanitarian currency to finance these projects? Projects urgently needed to be launched on a world-wide level across all borders and aiming at reducing and preventing the damage done to people and to Nature by the so-called “modern world” and its economic and financial system – in need of reform anyway. 

Almost all of our leaders are talking about a sustainable future. Now is the time to really start building it. Now is the time for a Global Peace Plan or New World Pact to benefit all people in all countries across all borders and walls largely set up to divide people with disastrous consequences and an enormous and unjustified waste of resources (human and material).

“We all win when no one or Nature loses” should be the motto of a global campaign for Peace, Sanity and Justice for all and for Nature. 



Ambassadors of Nature and Peace 
www.newworldpact.org – www.pax21.net



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Strong human values are a passport to a sustainable, fair, green and healthy future.

The world of Peace can become a reality! 



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