They stole my future

Almost everyone is increasingly worried about the future.

Everything is changing so fast and politicians cannot provide adequate solutions to the many problems threatening society and the world.

Many young people cannot find suitable jobs and wonder whether they still matter in this society that is becoming increasingly chaotic and divided.

Miguel Angel articulates his concerns and those of many others with him.

They stole my futue

I was born in Spain.
But I think any one
who was born in Europe or any other place
was born in this world,
can encounter the same problems.

I am 25 years old and so far I have
still not found a job.
I applied hundreds of times
but no one seems to want me
or need me.
I am frustrated and angry.

Who needs people like us?

People with the right education,
with the right human values…
People who want to be a part
of society and of the world
into which they were born.
People who empathise with others.
People who care for Nature.
Now we all seem to have no future.
A future we dreamed of.
A future that brings us satisfaction,
happiness and joy and enable us
to settle down somewhere and start a family.
Too many worries and too many uncertainties.

Who has stolen our future?

Is it the politicians who control our lives?
Is it the economic system
that is becoming more unfair by the day?
Why do some have to earn per day
what an ordinary and hardworking citizen
cannot even earn in a year?
If the politicians and the economic system
cannot offer us a future,
that treats us as fellow citizens
and not as second-class citizens,
then it’s time they realised
that they are not doing their jobs
as is expected of them.

We, people with no future,
deserve to be treated fairly
and to also have a future.

This world and its future
belong to everyone.
No one has the right to
steal our future.

We need a new world.
We need a new economy.
We need new politicians.
We need a world with a future.
A world guided by real values.
A world that puts people first
and that doesn’t turn everything and everyone
into a puppet of money.
I don’t want to be a puppet.
I want to be a citizen of the new world.
A citizen who gives respect and gets respect.

M. Angel


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