Dear world, we cry for you

Ever since he was a kid, Pedro felt he did not fit in well with this world.

He could not understand why people quarreled, hurt and even killed each other.

His great-granddad had taught him about the Inner Voice and about the “Little One”.

Pedro called the “Little One” Peace or Pax and they became the best of friends. Pax has inspired him and made him see the reasons why this world is such a mess and what could be done about it to make it a new world of Peace, Sanity and Justice. 

Dear friends, we need your help to help you

I’ve had a terrible night. I hardly slept because I have been thinking so much about all the kids, young people, men and women that just like virtually all the people in the world want to live a life in peace. They don’t want to be or deserve to be the victim or collateral damage of war or other lethal games played by a tiny estranged minority that thinks they have the right to ruin our lives, our world, our Nature, our Love, our Heart.

Indeed, I had not told you yet, but Heart has been my hero ever since I was a kid. I did not tell you because I remember that when I started discussing our view of this world, its politics, its economic system, friendship, love and God, some forums threw me out and you know, most of the time, it were people that were very religious and did not accept our view on certain issues, like religion and God. I agree, it are difficult issues and many people are quite fanatic about it. But after some time, they began to understand that our view was, in essence, part of their religion as well: Peace!

And you guess what! My hero has always been Jesus. But not as someone being a Christian or representing a religion, but as Heart, as the embodiment of Goodness and of Peace. “Oi Coração, adoro você, mas esse mundo está virado…  (Heart, I like you so much, but this world is a mess)”.

Dream of Peace and Liberation

Yes, I am just thinking and writing. I often do so in Portuguese or another language, depending on the thoughts that I have and about whom I am thinking.

It may seem strange to many, but it is not. It even got me into a psychiatric ward, because the doctors did not think I was normal when I explained about the Dream I had in 2004. But now they know too that not I, but the world is mad. And I have known it for a long time. The Dream was all about it.

It may indeed seem strange to many, because they have not had that feeling of being connected to Heart or not enough. Some do pray, but they often do so to “religion” and not so much to “Heart”.

Heart is the bond that unites us all, no matter where we live or the colour of our skin, our gender, whether we are rich or poor.

I have felt that bond with Heart even before I was aware of what religion was. And now, to be honest, I have no religion. I have faith. Faith in Goodness. And Jesus is my best friend and my hero. Because he is Goodness or Peace to me.

And, to be honest, I feel he did not have a religion either. He was a Peace activist and wanted peace for all no matter where we live or the colour of our skin, our gender, whether we are rich or poor.

Our “Little One”

My great-granddad had taught me to talk to my little friend, that he called the “Little One” and so did I. His hero was Jesus too. And it had nothing to do with religion but with Goodness. I was my great-granddad’s first great-grandchild and we got along so well. People that knew him tell that, whenever we could, we were always together. He was my very first hero and he taught me what was important in life. He was special in many ways and you feel that other people that knew him felt the same. Some called his farm the “Ark of Noah”.

I talked a lot to Jesus. Silently or in thoughts. Not in spoken words, though I wrote some of the thoughts or inspirations down. I called him different names, the main one being Pax or Peace ever since I was a young adolescent and started reading books about politics, Nature, history…

Two books stand out. One about colonization in Africa and one about Life and Nature.

It all started us analyzing why this world that could be so beautiful was so hard and cruel to so many innocent people and to Nature. And, to be honest, it has nothing to do with religion, because to me Jesus would have been a major Peace and Nature activist if he were alive today.

As I said, I had a terrible night and I feel that many people around the world are not sleeping well either. Because the world around them makes them think and worry and have fears. About making ends meet, about war and disaster, about the future of their children…

Peace saved me

Quite a long time ago, I decided that this world was a madhouse and that it made people feel unhappy so often. Ironically, I landed in a psychiatric ward after my dream. In 2004, I had been harassed at work for weeks and I was feeling so bad that I thought about committing suicide. But I was thinking so much about the pain it would cause to the people around me, that I could not do it. The second option was to make the world better for someone “too good for this world” as people often said to me.

So, I talked to Peace and asked what I needed to do. In a very intense and emotional dream, he took me around the world and showed me what was wrong. He also showed me why it was wrong and how the wrong could be righted. He showed me a different world, a world of Peace and Justice.

The dream became the basis of our Campaign for Peace and Justice that we started with friends from all over the world. Some of these friends have come to call me and Stella, my partner and soulmate ever since we were kids, Mum and Dad. What a feeling it is to hear someone ask you: “May I call you Dad?”

We have adoptive children in several parts of the world. We have helped them to make their dreams come true. We helped to pay for their studies and now they have a good job. They are so thankful, because as one of them wrote a few days ago: “we were poor, but felt so rich because we had the sweetest parents and best friends you could dream of. Though we never met because they live so far away, they are very near. They are in our hearts and hearts can travel at the speed of light to wherever they want”.

This in fact summarizes what Heart is and what Jesus represents to us. Not a religion, but a way of thinking and a way of living. In short, Peace as being the respect for people and for Nature across the entire world no matter where we live or the colour of our skin, our gender, whether we are rich or poor.

The hearts of people speak a language that knows no borders and no distance. It’s the language of Peace or of Heart. Jesus spoke it so well and we have had conversations in that language that we call WiSOP or majai.

Please help Peace and yourself

This letter could go on and on, but to make it short, we have two requests.

Let’s join hands across the world and make Peace our common hero and majai or WiSOP our common language.

Let us create a Wave of Peace and flood the internet and other media with messages that say “we are Peace” or “I am Pax” to show that we, the vast majority of people, want those that ruin our world because they have lost touch with Heart, to stop doing so because without Heart or Peace, you are not fit to lead.

We could all be friends of each other and of Peace. Let’s go for it and make Christmas the best and greatest one ever. To celebrate Peace and Liberation and the end to the lethal madness of war and other power games.

Many thanks for reading this and we hope it has made you feel part of the Wave Pax 21.

Welcome and a big hug.

Majai’vi (Peace and Love to all)!

Pedro and friends 


Danellandia – Pax 21 is based on discussions about this world and its many problems with people from different backgrounds, countries, religions and age.

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Strong human values are a passport to a sustainable, fair, green and healthy future.

The world of Peace can become a reality! 



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