Wealth is the ability to save Earth

Original letter from 2009

Early 2007 a large international bank advertised wealth as “the ability to say to the world to get lost”.

This arrogant and selfish advert reflected and still reflects the “mindset” of a large part of those running our world.

Ever since 2007, the whole world has headed from one crisis into another. 

At present, we are all in a global existential crisis that will require the definancialization of our world to be solved. Our world needs to be rehumanized and renaturalized: respect people and Nature always and across the globe. 

“Wealth is the ability to say to the world to get lost”

Incredible as it may seem, but these were the words of a large international banking group in a one page advert taken early 2007 in one of the most respected magazines world-wide.

We at Danellandia – Pax 21 could not believe a bank could say this. We see wealth here as the ability to help save the world and especially those that were not fortunate enough to be born in the “developed” world or in a well-to-do family.

It was at the beginning of 2007, long before the 2008 financial crisis erupted. We wrote that “the advert already signalled the world was entering the danger zone”.

Now we are completely in the middle of it. And, paradoxically, banks had to be saved and bailed-out themselves. They were the first victims of the crisis they partly originated.

Real wealth

The definition of wealth as expressed in the advert has already been proven completely wrong and very selfish indeed.

In 2008 we also wrote that “the financialization of our society would mean that the world would finally get lost”. And that “the world could only be saved by a humanization“. Now it is clear that money alone will not get us out of this crisis. It will require sound principles of humanity and a rethinking of the whole economic and political system. It simply leaves too many inhabitants of this planet out in the cold without enough food, a home, basic medical care and education.

Investing in real wealth

Shortly after we saw the advert, we contacted a bank operating all around the world to ask for investment advice. We said we had a considerable amount of capital (we did not mention it was human capital) that was still increasing. We wanted to invest it in sectors that contributed to the repair of Nature. They suggested that we invest it in green energy. So far so good, but then they gave us the assurance to keep the capital offshore. Even though we had not asked for it.

We said that we did not want to be offshore in case offshore became too flooded and that we liked it onshore ever more. Then they replied that by offshore they had meant all locations of the bank outside the home of the headquarters. Strange, but when you look up “offshore” on the internet you get connected to sites about fiscal paradises and havens.

We then asked whether offshore was finally getting another meaning. Would it be like in Danellandia where offshore and onshore apply the same set of human values? Where there is a balance between people-mindedness and money-mindedness. And where money is a means and not an aim – some would do just anything to get it. Some would even let the world get lost.

In the meantime, the world is in the middle of a deep crisis. We very much doubt banks will be able to save us. Humanity-driven institutions and governments should set the example.

They should think globally and unite to get us out of this and other crises. A new global and truly humanitarian currency should be created to help repair the immense damage done to people and to Nature ever since money has been invented and became an aim in itself. It has allowed some to dominate, manipulate and abuse others and to treat Nature and people as mere commodities to feed to the Golden Calf. Just as incredibly naive and very selfish as in the bank advert.


Ambassadors of Nature and Peace



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Strong human values are a passport to a sustainable, fair, green and healthy future.

The world of Peace can become a reality! 



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