Natura Pax Vow and Convention

REQUEST to all government leaders or presidents of all countries or nations world-wide – without exception. As well as to all business leaders.

Dear leader,

you are requested to take the Natura Pax Vow accepting Peace as the respect of the Natura Pax Universal Human Values.

You are requested to accept the Natura Pax Convention as the guideline or beacon to build the New World of Peace, Sanity and Justice.

We would like to send you an invitation to visit our World land of Peace – neutral and global. But first, please let Pax 21 inspire you and follow us on for the latest developments. 

On we have written a more extended letter to government and state leaders. 

Business leaders are invited to read the “Letter to leaders“. 

If you are involved with a conflict or war, please try to see it from the perspective of Peace or Majai and use the Circle of Peace to try and resolve the conflict and/or end war.

On behalf of Peace and Natura Majai, we thank you very much indeed for making Peace for Nature and all people (Pax Majai) the common goal. 

We do hope that soon you and many other leaders will subscribe to Pax Majai or Natura Pax Peace Pact.

We request you to ask the UN to hold a G200+ meeting on Peace and Liberation and to start the debate on the New World Pact.

We hope to see you all  – united in and for Peace at the Diamond Peace Festival scheduled at the end of this year in Peace City (location will depend on each and everyone’s reaction and drive for Peace).

We do want all of you to become a partner in and for Peace – Peace for all people, nations and countries and Peace with Nature or Natura Majai.

Please fill in the form on this page and/or contact us on for any further information or suggestions. This will only be used for internal discussions at Danellandia – Pax 21.

Many thanks and majai’vi (Peace to all)! 

Robin B., David, Emma, Pablo, Sarah and entire ANP Team

Ambassadors of Nature and Peace – 

Faith in Peace as genuine humanity

People anywhere in the world share a common Code of Life no matter their country, nation, race, gender, political or economic preferences, religion or none. 

It could also be called Peace or Heart or Goodness or Love. 

It expresses itself through WiSOP or the language of Peace or Heart. Music is a potent expression of it (music derives from Muse and Ica or language). 

We share WiSOP from birth and before as our original mother tongue, but we largely unlearn it because of factors and actors dividing us unnecessarily and often making us into enemies.

Danellandia – Pax 21 wants to boost the knowledge of WiSOP world-wide. 

It’s incredibly healing to speak WiSOP well!  We want everybody around the world to speak it. Our group is incredibly diverse, but we get on so well because we found we can speak it quite well. It makes you feel so connected. It makes your life with other people and with Nature (yes, always with a capital) more valuable and intense – even if you have little material wealth. 

Ambassadors of Nature and Peace

We are people from many countries around the world of different races, religions or no religion… All having a deep respect for Nature and for other people. We met on the internet and in real life in the early 2000s and some even before.

We are not linked to any political party or religion in particular. Some of us do not have a religion and most do not have a political party, but we all share “deep faith”. Our faith is the belief in goodness and the willingness to bring it out. Faith that has no borders and that can penetrate all walls.

After extensive discussions we defined Peace as the respect for human values. We launched the DNA Peace Initiative and Nature Alliance.

We discussed about all aspects of life and of society. We found that we had a lot in common. Especially our empathy. It is very strong and we suffer when seeing the violence and suffering so many leaders and other people cause to one another and to Nature. Violence and suffering that have come to be accepted as normal. 

To us violence is not normal, but “primitive” in the sense that it shows the growing disconnection between Humanity, Nature, Heart and Peace.

We defined 25 basic human values as the basis of our Global Peace Initiative we called Danellandia or World land of Peace. 

Its aim is to try and make leaders and other people world-wide more aware of the importance of basic human values and to convince them to change course (from destruction to construction of a world all can call home). Values to be respected if we want to keep planet Earth liveable.

Majai’vi (Peace to all and to Nature)!


Robin, David, Sarah, Daniel, Pauline and entire ANP Team 
Ambassadors of Nature and Peace

Pre-registration and contact

Life on Earth or the Tree of Life is now being damaged to such an extent that extinction is just around the corner. 

It can still be avoided, but we must act as ONE! 

United we survive, divided we perish

Therefore, we call on the State and Government leaders of the G200+ or all Nations and Countries, as well as all business leaders, to join Pax Majai or New World Pact, also defined as the Earth Survival Pact.

Many thanks indeed for visiting Danellandia – Pax 21 and helping yourself and us to make this world a better and more just place and to restore Nature’s health and so ours.

If after visiting, you are not really convinced yet about Pax Majai, please feel free to ask us more details or to let us know you would be interested in a paxitizing and coaching session. You can write us in one of our working languages English, French, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian, or any other language (for which we’ll use translating software). 

Pax Majai – Natura Pax

PRIVACY: by sending this form, you agree your name, title, company name or country will be published later on as part of the Natura Pax Campaign. 

The information about how to boost Peace will remain within Danellandia. 

Many thanks and majai’vi to you and the world.

Amigo Robin and entire ANP Team


Ramitos is the plural of the Spanish word for twig or branch.

We are all twigs or branches of a single tree – the Tree of Life.

The stronger the tree, the stronger the twigs. The stronger the twigs, the stronger the tree.

Twigs are affected by greed and the like that endanger the survival of the entire tree!

The tree symbolizes our planet Earth and Humanity or all human beings.

Katharsis or feeling free

Learning WiSOP or the language that allows you to communicate heart-to-heart, will make you as a twig of the big tree strong again and the tree as well.

A strong tree with strong and healthy twigs having shed off the twigs that did not manage to clean themselves or be cleaned.

Speaking WiSOP will clean up the mess and all that has been making life hard for the many and easy for the few on planet Earth.

Planet Earth could have been like Paradise. This campaign can still make it happen, but we will need your help and your WiSOP language skills.

So, join in and become an amigo or amiga! Together we can make it happen and make planet Earth again shine as the brightest star of the Universe. Brightest because of the shining stars or diamonds living on Earth.

Majai’vi (Peace be all and to Nature)!

Ambassadors of Nature and Peace –



Need to translate? We use and the help of translators that understand and speak WiSOP.

Please feel free to translate our articles to help and promote Peace.

Fake and non-fake

Do you have doubts about whether news is fake or authentic or true?

Look up and compare the information on various news sites – preferably with independent and investigative types of journalism.


You can communicate with us through WiSOP or the language that speaks heart-to-heart. It is the language given to you at birth and so the language of your Mother. It is your real mother tongue.

WiSOP is also the language of your true friends or people that share the desire to live in peace with others and with Nature.

The better you master WiSOP, the stronger the twig you will be. A strong twig makes for a strong branch and all together makes a strong tree – the Tree of Life.

The poems, posters, films and other articles on our sites will help you to master WiSOP so as to make you strong and to build new friendships. Share them and add your stories and ideas to boost Peace..


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Majai’vi (Peace be all and to Nature)!

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