Welcome to Ramitos and Humanity!


I’m Robin and on behalf of Peace and the entire APN Team I want to welcome you here to Ramitos – the portal or port of departure to Danellandia, the World land of Peace.

I will be your guide and I want to tell you all about Danellandia, the world of peace, justice, honesty, respect for people, respect for Nature, fairness, integrity, truthfulness, solidarity, tolerance and other human values.

If you want and feel ready, you can already board our ship Humanity, which we have thoroughly refurbished. We have thrown out all the ballast, such as the historical errors, untruths and lies that were endangering the ship. 

We also have a new Captain and crew and new sailing instructions. We want to set sail as soon as possible, but we want all our and your friends and their friends as well on board. 

Therefore, we call on you and everyone to invite them (letter to friends).

We also call on everyone to ask the UN to urgently convene a Security Council by year-end to start discussions on the new sailing instructions for Humanity and to decide that they want to sail with us as well (letter to UN and all leaders). 

After all, it will be the journey of a lifetime to a destination that will enchant us all: Danellandia or the Land of Peace. 

So, again, welcome aboard Humanity and many thanks for joining us!


Robin and ANP Team


Ramitos is the plural of the Spanish word for twig or branch. We are all twigs or branches of a single tree. The stronger the tree, the stronger the twigs. 

The stronger the twigs, the stronger the tree. Twigs are affected by greed and the like that endanger the survival of the entire tree. The tree symbolizes our planet Earth and Humanity or all human beings.


Danellandia was created in 2004 after a dream which we later called the “Dream of Liberation”. It was a dream about Nature and Peace presenting the world as it is today and the world that should be created. A world land of Peace for all and for Nature.

Danellandia is the virtual land and Ramitos wants to show you around.


Ramitos presents suggestions and projects to make the real world become more and more like Danellandia. The present world lacks what can be called Heart or human warmth. Everything or nearly everything today is focused on money and finances. Human warmth or Heart or Love or whatever the name, has been shrinking. People are often treated as a commodity and Nature is often neglected. Selfishness and individualism seem to become ever more pronounced. People and entire nations become so divided and conflicts arise.

It is time to bring more Heart into the present world – too violent in many aspects. The world needs more human warmth. That can be achieved by strengthening genuine humanity or human values, which all relate to Heart. They were the nucleus of the Dream of Liberation.

World of Heart

The real world should become the world of Heart or Cormundi (Cor is short for Core and Corazón or Heart – Mundi means world).

On Ramitos you can find inspiration to bring and share more Heart or human warmth in your own world.

You can create your own world of Peace or WoP (World of Peace) and build a HoP (House of Peace) – virtual or in real life. Let our site inspire you and make your life more rewarding and fulfilling. Do so together with family and friends. Decorate so to speak your (virtual or real) WoP or HoP with material and ideas from Danellandia or with your own material and ideas. Let your creative spirit make you express Heart in whatever way and share it with people around you. 

Danellandia is the virtual World land of Peace and with time the real world we all live in should become Cormundi or a reflection of Danellandia.

Here and on www.danellandia.org you can already get to know about this new world. Visit us regularly. And let Danellandia and Ramitos inspire you to be or become a friend of DNA+ or Peace.

Peace has been inspiring us for a long time now and that is why we want to share our experiences with the entire world. Across all borders. Peace is universal and has no borders. WiSOP or language of Peace is the language so potent it can penetrate everywhere. Let’s wisop as much as we can: communicating Peace and strengthening Heart…

Road map to DNA+

In Ramitos we set out the road map and campaign platform. We will explain what can and needs to be done to build Cormundi.

And depending on how the projects are implemented, maybe in the future we can reach Danellandia (the World land of the “summum bonum” that still looks Utopian but if we believe in it, we can reach it). It is a journey no-one will want to miss. The journey of a lifetime.

Everyone is requested to join us and get on board of our vessel called Humanity, no matter the colour of his/her skin, country, religion or none, political or economic preferences, gender…

Indeed, it is a long journey and there is quite a vast amount of work that needs to be done. But we can do it, if we go for it together!

Global Ceasefire and Clean-up

The first stage of the road map is the Global Ceasefire and Clean-up Operation or GCO.

We hope that everyone in whatever country will want to take part in it. Anyone speaking WiSOP or the language of Peace will do so straight away.

This and other actions to be taken are based on DNA’s Manual of Peace and on “messages in WiSOP” or the common language of Peace. Those speaking WiSOP already or still will know what that means.

Let’s get it started

Together we can build the DNA world land of Peace here on planet Earth!

Finally a world that takes care of everyone. A world that does not let a minority of non-WiSOP speaking individuals decide about the future of the rest of us and of Nature. A future compromised by ever more intense and more widely spread anti-values!

Ambassadors of Peace and Nature
speaking WiSOP  – the language of Peace


  • connecting people
  • declaring an immediate global ceasefire
  • cleaning-up this messy world
  • promoting human values and Peace
  • world-wide acceptance of Natura Pax 
  • building a sustainable healthy future
  • a future for all of us and not for a few.


  • road map to promote Natura Pax or New World Pact (°2004) between Nature and Humanity 
  • Pact based on Lex Mater or genuine humanity or universal human values
  • inspired by Nature /Peace /Heart
  • noted down in WiSOP – our universal language of Peace
  • WiSOP – our shared and original mother tongue we speak from birth
  • and so much more!


  • holding all rules, laws, beliefs and the like against the light of Lex Matter or universal human values
  • boosting human values across all borders and through all types of walls
  • helping people discover the “core of all things”: love
  • making them respect the essence of it all: Nature as part of MPTA
  • teaching them how to communicate heart-to-heart
  • teaching them WiSOP so that they respect other people and Nature and all that she is and provides
  • showing them the importance of universal human values or Lex Mater as the beacon or guideline to build and promote Peace
  • giving them the knowledge to select the right leaders
  • leaders that speak heart-to-heart and not money-to-money or bitcoin-to-bitcoin
  • leaders that understand the “core of all things”.


  • imposing a ceasefire in all wars
  • across all borders and through all types of walls
  • helping the different parties involved to discover the “core of all things” – the core that is above all else (code-named MPTA in the language of Peace or WiSOP)
  • making them see that war and other types of violence are purely incompatible with Peace or MPTA 
  • teaching them and other people how to communicate in WiSOP or heart-to-heart
  • teaching them and other people that the respect for true values is essential to combat violence
  • teaching them and other people that false values and the wrong attitudes are the main reasons behind wars
  • teaching them the art of dialogue using WiSOP
  • helping them to find inner peace and to reconnect with Peace or MPTA
  • giving people the knowledge to select the right leaders
  • leaders that speak heart-to-heart and not money-to-money or bitcoin-to-bitcoin and do not abuse or crave for power
  • leaders that understand the “core of all things”
  • leaders that speak WiSOP or want to learn or perfect it.


Ramitos is the plural of the Spanish word for twig or branch.

We are all twigs or branches of a single tree.

The stronger the tree, the stronger the twigs. The stronger the twigs, the stronger the tree.

Twigs are affected by greed and the like that endanger the survival of the entire tree!

The tree symbolizes our planet Earth and Humanity or all human beings.

Katharsis or feeling free

Learning WiSOP or the language that allows you to communicate heart-to-heart, will make you as a twig of the big tree strong again and the tree as well.

A strong tree with strong and healthy twigs having shed off the twigs that did not manage to clean themselves or be cleaned.

Speaking WiSOP will clean up the mess and all that has been making life hard for the many and easy for the few on planet Earth.

Planet Earth could have been like Paradise. This campaign can still make it happen, but we will need your help and your WiSOP language skills.

So, join in and become an amigo or amiga! Together we can make it happen and make planet Earth again shine as the brightest star of the Universe. Brightest because of the shining stars or diamonds living on Earth.

Majai’vi (Peace be all and to Nature)!

Ambassadors of Nature and Peace



Need to translate? We use deepl.com and the help of translators that understand and speak WiSOP.

We are still looking for translators for different languages.

Fake and non-fake

Do you have doubts about whether news is fake or authentic or true?

Look up and compare the information on various news sites – preferably with independent and investigative types of journalism.

Contact us

You can communicate with us through WiSOP or the language that speaks heart-to-heart. It is the language given to you at birth and so the language of your Mother. It is your real mother tongue.

WiSOP is also the language of your true friends – if you have them. Or the new ones you will make using the RAMITOS toolkit and apps (being developed).

The better you master WiSOP, the stronger the twig you will be. A strong twig makes for a strong branch and all together makes a strong tree – the Tree of Life.


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The poems, posters, films and other articles on our sites will help you to master WiSOP so to make you strong and to build new friendships.  Sharing your stories and ideas and interests on a safe internet.

In case you still need to contact us: pedro@ramitos.net. Your messages will be read, but we may not be able to answer you individually.

Majai’vi (Peace be all and to Nature)!

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