The Truth

The Truth is…

this world is based on one Big Lie.
It has made stone diamonds and gold
worth more than human diamonds.
It has led to wars, atrocities and violence.

Time to use stone diamonds and gold
as just another material without real value.

The Truth is…

only humans have real value.
They are the most precious.

Nature is part of something bigger.
A Power that penetrates all.

They are the owner of all resources
and they want them to be shared
by all and not taken by just a few.

We are all part of Nature.
We are all part of the Power.
They want all of us to have
a fair share of the cake.

The way this world is run
is clearly upsetting them.

It is time to respect them and all people
wherever on planet Earth and beyond.
It is time to end wars and violence.